Wee House Craftalong

Ooh, I like the wired raffia idea—we just inherited a lot of that from a neighbor clearing out his stash from teaching sunday school ages ago.

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Really a cute way to use up the paper floral wire…I love Ann Woods tiny doll…she just put out a free pattern for the cutest overalls…yes, the bed would be perfect!

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Some updates: I got the bed done, sorta. I still have to dry brush it and add “moss” and other plant-based things + a mattress etc.

And then I decided I might try my hand at making some tiny owls because witches always need an owl for a friend. So I made these:


They are awesome

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The bed looks awesome and I love the owls , too!

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Made for my partner in the Common Grounds Swap!

You can see some progress shots here: Miniature tea cabinet 1:12 scale


I love it so much!

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I made the plate o’ cookies, too…


So cute!

A Door of Mystery. 1 inch scale miniature door to cover the unused furnace vent in the kitchen.


I love it!

This is beautiful!

What a fun way to pretty up an unused vent! I love it!

So fab!

This is a great idea. My husband’s study has a strange, unused opening in the wall that I want to cover with a neat door of some kind. You’ve given me some new ideas.

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I made one for ME! It’s the same tutorial I used for the earlier version I made for kittykill. For a link to the original tutorial, and a couple other pics, you can see my post in the art thread. Ladies Secretary


So cute :blue_heart:

I made some teeny creations for inclusion in a larger swap project so I thought I’d include them here!

First, a tiny oil lamp:

But I think this was my favorite part of the whole project:

I made the money and the ring as well. :blush:


Impressive! (also you get the Ann prize for best use of a push-pin!) :diya_lamp: :pushpin:


Thanks! The coveted Ann prize! I love it!! :heart_eyes: