Wee House Craftalong

I love it!

This is beautiful!

What a fun way to pretty up an unused vent! I love it!

So fab!

This is a great idea. My husband’s study has a strange, unused opening in the wall that I want to cover with a neat door of some kind. You’ve given me some new ideas.

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I made one for ME! It’s the same tutorial I used for the earlier version I made for kittykill. For a link to the original tutorial, and a couple other pics, you can see my post in the art thread. Ladies Secretary


So cute :blue_heart:

I made some teeny creations for inclusion in a larger swap project so I thought I’d include them here!

First, a tiny oil lamp:

But I think this was my favorite part of the whole project:

I made the money and the ring as well. :blush:


Impressive! (also you get the Ann prize for best use of a push-pin!) :diya_lamp: :pushpin:


Thanks! The coveted Ann prize! I love it!! :heart_eyes:

LOL! I had to go back and see what she used the push pin for! I love that little lamp!


Thanks! :blush:

They are fab!!

Thanks, @Edel! :blush:

I think I forgot to post this Door of Mystery I built in the big oak tree in my dad’s front yard. This little room lights up at night.


I love it!! It is so perfectly set in there. That is amazing!

This is awesome, where did you put the solar charger? (Assuming that’s how you power the lights)

You mean…the tree didn’t grow that way? It’s like they were made for each other!

It looks like an eye. Are you creeping out the neighbors?

So rad!