Wee Rolling Pin

This is part of a bigger project that also includes these tragic cookies, but I just had to share it!


It’s a 3/8" dowel for the center and a dowel of unknown size for the handles. I drilled shallow depression in both ends of the larger dowel, then used wood glue to attach the green-painted handles.

EDIT: Here is the final project this was made for.



Cute! I tried to make one recently, so I know it isn’t as simple as it may look. Yours looks very crisp and clean.

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Very cute!!!

Thanks, friends!

I think I owe that to the very fine toothed saw I used to cut the dowels and then to perhaps-slightly-obsessive sanding. :wink:


So stinking cute!

You have my mind trying to guess what the end product will be. LOL! Whatever it is, it will be amazing.

Thanks y’all!

Unbe-wee-vable!!! Great job!!

Wow, that’s tiny! Curious to see the whole thing!

Thanks, pals!