What are you knitting?

LOL yeah that’s the vibe I got too.


Finally! I get to see this doggerelle. What a cutie.


Serious side eye. :eyes:

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One of the things that I was thinking last night, it’s the perfect size to hold a skein of yarn, and a crochet hook or knitting needles as a “take along” while working on small items. Cat toys, hats, etc. Yeah, definitely a good use for the size of it.

To which, I think it’s cute/useful enough to add to my Lettuce Knit document. :grin:


@Magpie Thanks! She is a huge sweetie most of the time :woozy_face:

@Abbeeroad she’s a professional side-eye giver.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo! :cry: Welp, one side of this bag isn’t going to look good. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! whimper. Oh well, oh well, heh!

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Now I need to design the lid, :thinking:.

Also, it is a little on the little side, but would be perfect for a little kid bag.

Hmm! Also, I want to add the cable stitch a little onto the lid, but am unsure how the cable’s tightness will behave near the cast on…:thinking:. Only one way to find out, and that’s to actually do it.


Ohkay! Maybe making the chinese waitress cast on tight may keep the shape with the cable stitches. :thinking:


Hmmm! it is quite cute, buuuuut, the lid isn’t quite right. I need to make it smaller, then increase to the right size. That should make it hold its shape better.


My November’s birthday gift of fingerless mitts are actually being worked up before I am supposed to see the recipient again. What the what? :joy:


Ooh, pretty.

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@AntBee - that pattern really shows off the gorgeous yarn!

I finished* DS1’s sweater last night. It still needs to be blocked and the ends have to be woven in, but the knitting is done.

And, because DS1 is home from school with a cough, I’m swatching for DS2’s sweater while they sleep.


Great work on the sweater! You are a knittin’ machiiiiine!


Man, I am in so much pain…and so dizzy, yeesh!

Anyhoo, anyway, I’m getting there. it’s still too big on the cast on. but, unfortunitely, it would probably curl better if I knitted from the top rather than the sides. Pppp! so next iteration will be knitted that way.



This could prove interesting for the lettuce leaf washrags and potholder patterns. As well as would be an interesting edge for something. :thinking:

  1. cast on one stitch, kfb in that stitch (do not remove stitch from left needle), turn work around
  2. knit across.
  3. knit one stitch, kfb (do not remove stitch from left needle). turn work around
  4. knit across.
  5. knit two stitches, kfb (do not remove stitch from left needle). turn work around
  6. knit across.

continue until the right needle has n+1 stitches that you want. then after the knit across part, bind off all the n stitches that were on the right needle.

Next ridge is worked on the remaining stitch.

I’m way too out of it to think on this or do too much, but I’d wager the edges might bunch up when it gets knitted in the round. :thinking:. Either way, will be something to remember and see how far I can push this idea.


Looks similar to the edges of the dragon teeth shawls. I love making them because of the pointed edges. I am sure they could be adapted to be just and edging by not increasing.

Dragon teeth

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AHA! That’s it…Subconscious memory I bet. However, hadn’t thought of it if I were knitting something in the round, :thinking:. Welp, still will have to try it in the round…(Give me a few days and I’ll forget it again, to which it’ll be all new again, :rofl: ).

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Alrighty! Now Thanksgiving is over, I can get back to working on the pumpkin bag.

Trying out the stitches K1tog LL, K1tog RL, and CDD.

I really like how the CDD looks. (left side of picture). in order to add the two stitches that were removed, I sort of inverted the K1tog LL & RL stitches. Which, funnily enough, gives it a nice transition from straight stitches to leaning stitches.

The only thing that bugs me about them is I don’t see the cable stitches working with this…as is, anyway.

Looking at the K1tog LL & RL, the only differences I can feel from a regular stockinette stitch, it’s not as stretchy in those positions (maybe this has been what I’ve been looking for to use for my bags, :wink:). Also, a wild guess, since one knits together one stitch above, and one stitch below, it functions, in a way, like a slip stitch. Which explains the lack of stretchiness.

all in all, I will definitely have to play around with these.

Aaaah! A little thinking a little longer and I remember why the cables wouldn’t be as easy to add. Since it’s basically dropping two stitches, these can’t be place on the ends…and I always need to add stitches to both sides. So using double pointed needles would make this very very complicated with cables and dropping two stitches. :thinking:. So either the cables will have to change drastically, or be dropped all together. And that is if and only if I want that raised stockinette stitch that the CDD makes (Centered Double Decrease).

Ok, lets try a different approach. Let’s see how this works.

  1. K1 K1 LL CDD K1 RL K2 K1 RL CDD K1 LL K2 K1 LL CDD K1 RL K1

Ok! I’m going to call it quits on testing these out for the moment, and just work on what I have already. None of these are grabbing me in that artsy fartsy way. The closest is the one on the right, which is m1left CDD m1right, and would allow for cables a lot better than the rest, but just barely, :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Meh, I’ve got enough things to do…so pppp! I can let it slide for the time being, heh.

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I have knit three pairs of fingerless mitts that just feel too big to me. I even went down a needle size.

I know I have smaller hands so I tend to make medium the most, especially to gift.

I finished one mitt in a really time consuming pattern. I hate the colors and I hate the fit. Trying to decide if I should just frog it and use the yarn for socks instead or make a second mitt and hope someone likes them!

Lots and lots of slip stitches over yarn overs…


I feel ya on this conundrum. If you know another pattern that you’d LOVE to do them in then frogging could be worth it. Otherwise I vote just finish the pair and either add them to your gift cupboard, put a little tag on them and leave them somewhere a lá the Cranes, or donate them away to someone/somewhere that will pass them on to a needy recipient. You could also add a tag and carry them in your purse this season. Then when you stumble upon someone who could use them whip them out and give them in good health.

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I am going to put them aside and start another pair.

I found the pattern I know is a good fit and so much easier to knit as well. I need a win…