What are your go to weeknight dinner recipes?

I have getting kind of bored of our typical week night dinners. We have been using the crock pot way more lately which has helped but there are still 2-3 nights a week where we end up eating pasta or stir fry.

So what are your relatively easy week night go-tos?


Taco salad … we’ve been eating this once a week for 17 years.

I keep seasoned hamburger in the freezer so it’s super quick to make.


We usually have some sort of taco and one night with some sort of breakfast for dinner. I hate to cook, so the easiest it can be, the better! But, I am so tired of our same old, same old too.


This shakshuka is a go-to for me, with variations depending on what veg I have to use up. Served on a thick piece of toast.



One of my son’s favorites is slow-cooker cranberry pork loin. Only a few ingredients, so it’s super-fast to prep.
Slow Cooker Cranberry Pork


I like to make Egg Roll in a Bowl. It is fast and easy and low carb. I use pre-packaged cole slaw mix and ground turkey or beef instead of pork.


Baked chicken.
I have them marinated and stored in the freezer, ready for weeknight meals. Thaw a package in the fridge overnight and roast at high temperature the next evening. And it’s great with salad, rice or pasta.


Yes! I need this thread, too!

I love the baked chicken idea, L2E!

@AIMR - I’ve made those egg rolls in a bowl! Super yummy.

I also try to utilize the crock pot. Some nights we only have an hour at home before one or all of us have to run off to an event of some kind. I’ll throw chicken in there and shred it up for several meals throughout the week.

I’m not ashamed to admit that soup and grilled cheese frequents our weeknight dinner plans. And perogies, ravioli, tacos/quesadillas, pasta dishes, “pulled” BBQ chicken…

Getting a meal that everyone in my house will eat is a whole other challenge!


Ooh, the spiced eggs look delicious, though sadly no one else in my house would eat them. :cry:

I might have to try the egg roll in a bowl & see if I can sell anyone on it.

We do home-made chicken noodle soup a bunch-- some chicken stock (bought or from the freezer) & frozen chicken bits, chop up carrots & celery while it’s heating, add noodles & cook till they’re done. I usually put in a bunch of ginger, if my child were not violently anti-egg I’d drop one of those in. If you’re in a hurry, use frozen veg & ramen noodles.


Carnitas (crock pot or instant pot version)
Parmesan crusted chicken
Dirty rice with Android andouiille sausage
Quesadillas/soft tacos with leftover meats and veggies
Loaded baked potato soup
Sliders- Cuban, meatball, ham & Swiss
Baked spaghetti


I often cook a lot of something on sunday and have leftovers several days. On days I am feeling really lazy I make scrambled eggs and toast.

I often make shredded chicken for taco bowls.
and I often just cook some meat on the George forman grill and cook some veggies.

I LOVE shakshuka! Thanks for the recipe.


We eat something similar, it is called eggs in hell or eggs in purgatory depending on the spice level


Ha I was going to suggest stir fry! I eat that a lot - I usually eat alone as my partner works in hospitality and gets dinner at work. I have a chronic illness, an intense job and a commute so by the time I get home I’m pretty tired. Stir fry is quick and easy and you only have a few dishes to wash afterwards.

Another thing I like to make are enchiladas - I always have tortillas and canned beans in the pantry and some fresh veggies and bits of cheese in the fridge.

Curry’s are also a quick and healthy favourite.


Our grocery store has a nice selection of almost prepared ethnic foods…I can buy pouches of Indian curries or marsalas and just cook some rice or noodles…we always have a bag of boneless chicken breasts in the freezer or tofu I can add and some sort of veg…

Nachos and fish tacos are also popular weekday meals…we normally grill or go out on the weekends.


I hate cooking, but I do it at least Sunday-Thursday nights so we can take leftovers to work for lunch. We eat a lot of vegetarian meals and some meat.

I usually make some sort of Mexican style dish each week- Black beans w/either rice or quinoa. I mix in veggies and then we can top with salsa and either guacamole or avocado. Taco salad and Taco casserole, I usually make both vegetarian. Black bean quesadillas, turkey or beef tacos, and sometimes I just buy tamales.

Another night during the a week we do sandwiches. I will do either tuna or lunch meat, avocado sandwiches or sometimes just grilled cheese. I frequently also do some sort of pasta. My favorite is pasta with veggies tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, and parmesan. Sometimes I will add chicken to that.

My husband loves Asian foods, but I am not very good cooking them. I have a ground turkey green bean stirfry recipe that I enjoy and is easy to make. I also will do a fried rice dish with lots of veggies and egg, or sometimes I will add meat.

I love making soup, but my husband complains about taking it to work for lunch so I don’t make it as much as I would like. One of my favorite dishes is risotto. I make it the easy way by cooking the veggies on the side and the rice in a pressure cooker. I either do vegetarian or sometimes add chicken.

Finally, since I hate cooking I will do easy stuff like buy pre-made pizza crust. Whole foods sells these cornmeal crusts that I really enjoy and I can fit two in my oven at a time. I also sometimes buy frozen spanakopita or samosas and then all I have to do is make sides, like some veggies and rice or couscous. I also do with with sausage.


Egg roll in a bowl looks amazing, I am definitely going to make that this week! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve been loving this soup/stew from Nigella Lawson lately, it’s really easy and so good on a frozen winter night


So many good ideas…simple, delicious…I just have to write them down because when I am tired and hungry, I just can’t think…I like the idea of prepping more things and having stuff in my very underutilized freezer…we don’t eat pasta (tummy troubles), so some of the things that I used to love making are a no-go…thanks … I see lots more variety in my future…


One thing I like to do is keep chili or taco meat in the freezer. When I want a hearty meal and don’t want to cook I will microwave a potato or sweet potato and then top with chili or taco meat. Add cheese and/or sour cream if you like.


Thanks for the ideas everyone! I do really like tacos but never think to make them for some reason, lol.

The soups and curry sound like a good option too. And that egg roll in a bowl sounds super tasty too. :grinning:


Mmm, this thread is making me hungry!!

One of my favorite meals is buffalo chicken sandwiches. You just add chicken, 3/4 - 1 bottle of Frank’s red hot sauce, and 1/2 a package of ranch dip seasoning to the crockpot. Turn the crockpot on low and let it do it’s thing for about 8 hours. I usually shred the chicken about halfway through and put it back in the crockpot adding more hot sauce if it’s getting too dry. Then I serve it on a sandwich roll with provolone.

The original recipe called for an entire packet of ranch dip, but I typically cook about 4 pieces of chicken and have found that if I use the whole packet, the chicken ends up too salty, which then equals waaay too salty when it comes to the leftovers.