What coffee are you drinking?

Hi. Let’s share our tastes about so romantic and addicting drink - coffee! I prefer turkish way made coffe - a middle sized cup with cold milk or ice cream ))))

And now I’m having an orange flavoured mini coffee with vanilla wafers Mmmm!

What about you?


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Turkish coffee is amazing, but not something I feel qualified to make at home, haha.

I am boring. I love my small drip coffee pot. :slight_smile:

Your coffee sounds delish and I do like turkish coffee.

Generally at home I make my coffee with dark roast beans using an aeropress. I like it strong. I add a tiny touch of lactose free half and half and a tiny bit of a hazelnut coffee syrup.

I’m not fancy. I brew regular old coffee, cool it in the fridge, and then add ice. Sometimes I add creamer.

My sister loves the Pioneer Woman’s method for cold brew.

A warm welcome to Lettuce Craft, @Joshua34!

My gut doesn’t agree with coffee, so I drink tea.
My favorite teas are sweet teas like strawberry and healthy teas like white tea (which I’m drinking right now).
I don’t take sugar, but I do take artificial sweeteners.

I just gave up coffee, day one without it was today. I’ve been in the studio banging out masks all day so nothing much has changed for me except the lack of an acid tummy. I’ll just enjoy the smell of it from now on I guess.

My tastes for coffee are far from sophisticated… I love a good home brewed from my Ninja coffee bar :stuck_out_tongue: I preferred flavored, myself.

I do miss lattes from Starbucks, I think that may be the first frivolous thing I venture out for after the stay at home order is lifted.

When I have coffee it’s ice vanilla made with milk not cream from McDonald’s. Otherwise I’m a tea girl.

AK Espresso from Black Rifle Coffee OR Black Magic espresso from Ground Works in LA - add some milk on top with a tsp of raw sugar. :coffee: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Has anyone actually tried the whipped coffee that is storming the interwebs? I can’t bring myself to do it… it looks like peanut butter.

@PerfectlyBohemian tried it with mixed results. Maybe she can tell you about her experience.

living in the land of great coffee i can’t bring my self to buy instant to try it, luckily the internet told me today that the new thing is whipped strawberry milk, using Nesquik. i am so much more down for that. I keep my coffee simple with just a little milk and some home made simple syrup.


Strawberry milk sounds super yummy! Probably looks more appetizing too… I may sneak that on the shopping list this week as a special treat :blush:

I like very strong coffee. I used to make it in a coffee press, but found that I actually love using my Bunn coffee maker using any dark roast or French roast. I also have an expresso maker, but I forget it is expresso and drink it like a regular coffee and get so wired, so I only drink that when I have company after dinner.

I use cream and sugar in my coffee…much like the sweet, thick Turkish coffee I drank in Istanbul…yummy.

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Unfortunately regular coffee started making me sick so I’ve had to change to decaf and it’s harder to find variety in that. I have a Keurig at home and use Maxwell House decaf with half and half or whipping cream. I prefer drip coffee though but don’t have that kind of machine anymore.

Starbucks decaf flat white made with heavy cream is one treat I’ll splurge on.

The best coffee I’ve ever had was in Cuba. They use espresso and steamed milk and I added just a hint of sugar.

I drink coffee every day. Hot coffee. Iced Coffee. I like it black. Sometimes I’ll throw in a hot cocoa packet or two if I’m feeling cuckoo…or I like to pour fancy chocolate milk over iced coffee (fancy meaning organic, real sugar, probably expensive because it’s the good stuff). Unfortunately, I get very bad acid reflux…but, pro tip: cold brew coffee is less acidic and much easier on your stomach. I try to have it as often as I can. I got two mesh filter mason jars so I always have one brewing in the fridge and in the winter, I brew it on the counter and then pour into a mug and microwave it. I used to get heartburn really bad every night…but not if I consistantly stick to cold brews. It is really expensive at coffee shops but it is so easy and much cheaper to make at home. I’ll cut out spicy food, but I want to live my life with coffee by my side.


I make a mix half coffee half cocoa powder with ginger, cinnamon and brown sugar add some hot milk to it.Sometimes just coffee,milk & cane sugar, Not more than 2 or 3 small cups a day, due to health issues. I also drink teas and herbal teas.

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Ahh, coffee. Nectar of the gods. I used to doctor mine up with Coffeemate hazelnut creamer and so much sugar. Good times. Then I did Whole30 diet for a while, which completely screwed up my tastebuds.

I got used to enjoying dark roast, black. My go to is Peet’s French Roast, black.

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Aw, I miss Starbucks Fraps. I really only would get starbucks once a week because my knitting group meets at one.
I found a keto horchata starbucks drink recipe online, tried ordering it last month after braving a super long drive thru line to use my free drink credit. It was VERY good, but not technically coffee.

eta: aha! “recipe” link: https://hip2keto.com/keto-horchata-starbucks-drink/

I used to be a coffee fiend, drinking two.pots of espresso a day. Gave it up 30 years ago, when Medical Science said caffeine was bad for you.
Now I’m a Thai iced tea addict, and have to limit myself to half a jug a day.

But that whipped coffee looks gooooood. Love the smell of coffee.

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