What do you make when you have no ideas?

I’m stuck. I love to knit and crochet - it’s my unwind-on-the-couch craft. However, I don’t actually want to own the things I make. No one in the family needs hats, scarves, sweaters, mittens, socks. We have plenty of blankets. I’m trying get everyone to declutter toys, so I don’t want to make a bunch more.

So I want a project, but don’t have anything in mind. What do you do? Just make something random and hope to find an owner? Anyone else have this problem?

Anyone want a knit or crocheted something I can make for them? No trade required - I just need to make!


there are several charities that gather baby hats, blankets, etc. for preemies. scarves and hats for homeless orgs… There are tons of places that need this sort of stuff so it gets put to good use. I also crochet so I have the same problems :smiley:

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True - I do crank out generic hats and scarves to donate when the weather turns. I can just up the quantity of those. :grin:


You could ask in the Use it or Lose it thread if anyone wants anything?


I often have a shawl going, but I like using them… Plus, for me it takes quite a long time so I’m entertained for a while.

I’ve never participated but the shop-the-swap here might be a good fit for you? You could make stuff lettuce themed or just fun and funky and others would “buy” them from you. It may not work for reducing stuff coming into your home (it IS a swap afterall) but you might swap for yarn or something and turn it into more offerings?

When I need to make and have zero mojo I make dish/wash cloths until inspiration hits.

I’m crocheting a set of giant olives for a friend’s oversized martini glass, making up the pattern as I go.
When I feel the yarn itch I do that, make up a pattern for something. Usually I’ll need to do a few versions to get it right, then another one to test the final version. It’s pretty consuming, satisfying too.


I think that some fire and police stations will accept toys (or Red Cross) to give to children for comfort.

Or as said above, there are always places looking. Check out Project Linus.

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Sometimes I just make whatever I feel like making & hope I find someone to give it to. I’ve left amigurumi around town before with ‘abandoned art’ tags.

My local yarnworkers group usually has an ongoing project (blanket squares, sometimes hats or scarves) and I made up a list of local organizations (shelters, nursing homes, etc) & what donations they’ll accept. So if I don’t know what to make, I’ll usually make something from my list. :slight_smile:


There’s actually a charity that specifically takes shawls and lap blankets for Alzheimer’s patients, that I’ve donated to in the past. I believe they are taking a short hiatus as the person running it has a family issue going on. But you could also work on some shawls and lap blankets for them, putting them aside till they are back from hiatus.

I crochet dishcloths and try out new to me stitches.

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Good suggestion!! I might try that too!!

Great ideas folks! I think I’ll add some blankets for Project Linus to my to do list. Thanks!


Check etsy and ebay to see what crocheted items are selling, then make enough to pay for your yarn addiction.

True, but that’s work. I mean, maybe not really rough work, but still. I don’t really want to take nice pictures and monitor my email and whatnot. I just want to knit my way through some Netflix binging! :rofl:


What about the ongoing wish groups here? That might be good- You could choose something that inspires you as it pops up as someone’s hearts desire. And there’s always holiday crafting, if you do such a thing. Only 186 days until Christmas! haha.

Also personal swaps…cough, cough

I’m not sure that you’re looking to have crafted goods enter your home but I’d be down for swapping. There are a few specific crochet items I really want.

I could make your baby niece some sewn clothes or anything on your fabric swap board on Pinterest (if it’s current).

No pressure though.

Oooo, yeah! Message me what you want!

I go through this a lot! Usually when in a funk I will work on inventorying and organizing my yarn stash. I will go on Ravelry and look at patterns I have saved and possibly remove but usually add more. I go through my books and patterns and find all my needles and hooks.
I found I am a process knitter and crocheter. I often can care less about getting to the finished stage I like the learning and creating something new portion. So yeah sometimes just making dish clothes or face clothes out of different stitches or combos I haven’t tried before or haven’t put together before. Then I save them up to give as gifts when need be.
I get really bored making afghans! I started crocheting by learning to do a Tunisian entrelac afghan from a friend and knew nothing else. I couldn’t read a pattern, couldn’t do a DC nothing! So I made afghan after afghan until I finally taught myself more! I think I still have PTSD from those days LOL


I’m an avid crocheter and struggle with the same issue. I rarely make things for friends or family unless they are having a baby or specifically ask for something.

A couple things I have been working on are baskets. You don’t need thick yarn, you can just hold 3 strands of any worsted weight and achieve the same results (just put the balls in separate bowls - ack!)

You can make them any size, people love them and I also use them in lieu of gift bags. Lots of free patterns online.

Wreaths are also fun (I think you claimed one of mine on STS) and styrofoam bases are cheap at Michael’s. You can make a Jack Skellington doll and pin him right onto a Halloween wreath! There are lots of free patterns for things like trees, eggs, Santa’s, pumpkins, etc. You can always adjust yarn weight and hook size to make them smaller for a wreath. I enjoy just making a bunch of flowers. It’s also kinda nice to work on something small when it is a billion degrees outside (yesterday was rough - I had to take a siesta after work).

Charity work is the best though. I hope you find some awesome ideas. I’m always on the lookout as well.

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