What I like about the site

I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing list of features we like. I appreciate the hard work that’s going into this site and there is always a slight learning curve when things change and are different but I have to say this platform has some nice features.

  • I like that each individual post has a copy link option and a bookmark option and not just the first post of the thread
  • drag and drop photos is AWESOME
  • I like that you can scroll down and see all the responses in a thread without having to go to the next page and that they are numbered!
  • I know it’s not everyone’s favorite thing but I actually like the like option and it seems that people are both liking and posting which is good.
  • I like clicking on a user name and getting a popup instead of a new page (with option to go to a new page by clicking again)

Lets keep this thread to all positives. Requests or issues should probably go under a new thread on the Site Feedback category


I love the drag and drop for the photos! I just did my first post and it was so much easier!
I also just saw that they have a Praise Board. I really like that idea!


I like how mobile friendly the site is; makes it super easy for to check in, browse, and post.


I agree on the “like” option; if I have nothing to say but “hey, this is cool” I prefer just a ticky box rather than cluttering up the thread with posts that don’t really say anything. It is definitely something that we should probably keep an eye on not overusing, though!


yes so much easier on mobile!

I haven’t really tried it on my phone yet…but I think I now have an excuse to get a bigger phone! :slight_smile:


Apparently at the level I am at I get 50 a day. I know because used them all yesterday!

yep–me too! ha

  • I really like the live preview feature :grin: and all the smileys and emojis that are available! :tada:

  • I love how easy it is to add pictures to a post! I’ve done it from my desktop and my phone and both were super easy!

  • I love the “Praise” board! So fitting for our community :kissing_heart:

  • The site is super easy to navigate. I’m still learning but it’s so user friendly, I love it!

  • I love the design and cute characters for each board.

  • I like how easy it is to post and customize/edit the post (bold/italics, quotes, etc)

  • And MOST of all I LOVE that everyone is coming back together so quickly! :kissing_heart::tada::kissing_heart::tada::kissing_heart:


I am loving each and every feature, and will continue discovering new ones as I peruse this site. Many thanks to all involved!

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@Reinikka I almost forgot! Yes, I do love those little characters for each board.

pro/con here, though @thanate. you have to engage to keep access to certain places (like The Lounge) and have abilities (like PM’s). and you can lose access. so users have to be uber clicky.


I just found more cool features!
Click the hamburger icon to the left of your profile pic in the upper right corner. You get all kinds of filters, etc. I clicked on Keyboard Shortcuts and there are all kinds already built in. Like from anywhere on the site you can type in g then b and go straight to your bookmarks without navigating through your profile. That is pretty cool.

And if you click on users and can see all kinds of stats. and we already have almost 400 users signed up!


Haven’t really tinkered with the mobile version as much, but right now I opened both up. I think functionality wise, it’s perfect. The only thing I could see improvement with would be the layout. The scroll bar for the desktop site takes up too much space. Also, since pictures open in a floating window, maybe have them show as thumbnails (now I’m just being nitpicky, heh). I presume the programming is in Javascript and/or php. Maybe the developer could change the front page to be icons in the mobile version (which can be in a 2 or 3 column table) and when an icon (category) is tapped, the lower screen shows the information that each category already shows, and the next tap takes you to that page.

Seriously, though, I’d have to use it regularly to be able to know how I feel about it, as anything new “may” seem strange and weird, but once I get used to it, I may come to like the layout, heh.

But one thing that I do know that I really like is, the code must have been really well done. So far, it seems to run smoother than facebook, linkedin, and most php boards. Which I’d say to the developer, DON’T CHANGE THAT, heh.


I love how mobile friendly it is. For general chatting and looking around I prefer to be on desktop (my personal preference), but since my phone has my photos, it’s nice how easy it is to just come and pop in and post photos from the phone (and they’re not sideways!!) without connecting my phone to my computer.

I am so happy to be back home. Now I don’t need “filler” websites anymore!


Great idea for a thread!

I love that we can upload several photos at once and that they land where the cursor is, not at the end of the post.

I love the live preview for posts and replies.

I love the mobile interface! I haven’t done more than reply with it so far, but man is it easy and soooo much nicer for just looking/reading.

I like how all notifications are in one place and that messaging is more streamlined! In fact, so far it all seems more streamlined, i.e. fewer clicks to get to what you want to do.

I’m also a fan of the :heart:; it’s a nice way to be supportive and encouraging when you don’t really know about that craft or maybe it’s just not your thing, but you recognize how cool it is anyway.

OH! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we can have drafts! I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t comment on it’s actual functionality, but I know in the past I have had 10 mins and the inkling to write up a project, but haven’t had the pics yet or something similar and wanted to start, but then could not. Obviously, we need to be careful not to fill up servers with half-finished topics, but I think I’ll be a good craft citizen!


I also love the drafts, dragging to post a picture, and the easy preview that you don’t have to scroll up to see. And when replying, how I can scroll up the thread to check something while also keeping my reply in view! I like how we can reply to specific users but the comments still stay in chronological order (instead of stacking like FB).

I like the notifications, and how I can customize what levels or notification I want for any topic.

I LOVE that from the front page, I can look at the main topics and see how many unread posts there are in each one. Then I can click on that and only see my unread posts!

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The quote feature is super easy to use!


Love this thread!

I really really really love the drag and drop of pictures. Seriously so awesome. I also that the search is so specific that we don’t need to be weighed down with tags. I LOVE how mobile friendly it is!


My favorite new features right now are the quoting feature and the automatic preview of what you are typing. :smiley: OH and the emojis! Now there’s no string of symbols from posts made on people’s phones not being compatible with the code. And sooooo many emojis. :blue_heart: