What's cookin', good lookin'?

Delicious foody stuff shows up here & there in the craftalongs but it would be cool to have a dedicated cook-along topic where we share our kitchen adventures, recipes, attempts at each other’s recipes, etc.

So… whatcha makin’?
I’ve been working out of the house while my partner wfh so he does a lot of the cooking these days. Then whenever I get the urge I default to multiple items in big batches. It’s a bit ridiculous actually, lol. Here’s this weekend’s hot pots:
Chicken veggie soup with corn, black beans & taco flavourings. (that’s the pot we bake bread in, it has quite the patina!)

This one is super tasty! Crunched up corn chips would be a good addition.

Curry lentil veggie soup with barley

Hearty & good. I used ghee to warm the spices so the broth is quite buttery, nom.

Pasta & meat sauce, for quick kid lunches.

Needs a touch more sweetness to offset tomatoey acid. I’ll add a little more coconut sugar (pantry destash!).

Also stewed some rhubarb with maple syrup & sautéed a bunch of celery to freeze for a future recipe. And I reorganized both pantries & the fridge, deep cleaned all the counters, small appliances, the table & the stove. The pressure cooker’s on right now with dehydrated potatoes as an experiment (eta, turned our super creamy & delish). I had a busy day, whew!

What’s on your stove or in the oven today? Show off your tasty dishes!


Last night’s empty the fridge ramen.

Mini wontons, mushrooms and pickled veg.


Random craving for baked beans and rice so guess what we had?

Husband came up with a fun rice ball combo → shredded barbeque beef in the middle, sushi rice for the rice ball and spinach torillas instead of nori.

I am a terrible cook with out an exact recipe.


Oh, perhaps it’s time to make some onigiri? Or perhaps I’ll be extra fancy and season the rice:

I think I still have a piece of kombu somewhere… but I might not have any nori for wrapping.


I love stuff inside other stuff! Onigiri is a neato dish.
I am terrible at following a recipe, or a pattern. I just like to do my own thing. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m taking jars of soup to work for lunch today, getting tired of it already, lol. I need to tell myself it is ok to just cook a meal, no left overs required.


I made a trial batch of mini scotch eggs using quail eggs. I’ll be making a bigger batch for a party this weekend

chicken egg for scale


That looks amazing! Well done, you. Not the easiest feat.

Did you… cook exactly the same things as me on the same weekend?


I ended up making tuna-mayo onigiri and took zero pictures… No flavouring for the rice, but I salted my hands when forming the onigiri, and the filling is kind of salty, so it worked well.

Tuna filling was a can of tuna in oil that I drained. Add kewpie mayo and japanese soy sauce to desired taste and gooiness.

I made the onigiri and tore each nori sheet in 3 strips, but didn’t combine them. We wrapped the nori just before eating, and that kept the nori crispy, so I’m definitely doing it that way again.


Great idea! Some of my family like sushi & some don’t but nobody likes it soggy, lol!

Belated Father’s Day cooking here today. I always make Mr. Road these truffles every year. They are so messy but apparently delicious. I never get one. :laughing:

And a long time ago (we think before we bought our house so…pre-2008), I used to make Pork Milanese from Giada de Laurentii’s book Everyday Italian. I was never a big pork fan so I stopped making it but Mr. Road never forgot about them. So, I decided to make him some in appreciation.


Looks so tasty!
We had tenderloin & these excellent potatoes au gratin. I didn’t read the recipe very well & missed the 90 mins of cook time so we ate a bit later than planned :roll_eyes:. I made such a huge pan & it was entirely gobbled up! Guess everybody liked it.


Ooo! Yes! I love this very similar one. I make it during the holidays.

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That looks delish! Love the additions of garlic, shallots & thyme. I added paprika to this one. We can’t easily find gruyere so we used the best the local grocer had, med & sharp cheddar. I did appreciate being able to make a roux thickened milk sauce instead of having to buy heavy cream too. Also, I like the side stack over flat layers for making a large amount. That explains the 90 minutes of cooking time tho, ha!
Once I cut my finger quite badly with a mandolin so I used a cleaver to thinly slice the potatoes. It was actually the fastest prep job, & paper thin slices!

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It’s definitely a decadent version!

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Eggplant and pasta tonight with some of Mr. Road’s marinara doctored with some veggies.

I’m so full!


I am a terrible cook without some sort of packaged base… Anyone have good, low prep work meal recipes?


If you have a slow cooker, this 3-bean chilli is fairly easy. There’s some chopping involved, but if you can find some veggies that are pre-cut at your local grocer, it’ll be no prep at all.


Oooh - thanks for the reminder! CHILI! My mom, also not an awesome cook (that’s my baby bro), makes great chili and of I remember correctly, it’s simple as well.

This look pretty good.


You’re welcome! Slow cookers are usually pretty good for easy, low prep work when you find recipes that don’t require pre-cooking of ingredients. Having a few basic canned foods on hand can also help, as they can serve as bases for other foods.

What do you normally use as a packaged base? I wonder if I could offer some simple tips on having bases that aren’t necessarily packaged but are easy enough.

I wasn’t the best cook either for a while, but I’ve become more comfortable in the kitchen in the last several years, and I’d love to offer any help I can :slight_smile: