What's cookin', good lookin'?

I made ramen again, this time with tonkatsu!

I made the tonkatsu in the air fryer (400°F, 17-18? minutes) - they were in a little too long, but they turned out pretty good. :slight_smile: Before cutting up:

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Oooo! Nice! I have a tofu katsu recipe I’ve been wanting to try. Using the air fryer is genius.

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Welp, for the moment I have a new favorite. Just have to remind myself to watch it on the liquids. :no_mouth:

Noodles this time were a penne. (if I can remember it I’ll try to find the video to put with this. The penne are made by pressing a knife onto a strip of noodle and pulling it back which curls the noodles around in a thin tube…Yeah, reading that leaves a lot to the imagination, :rofl:)

It’s so simple, too.

1/2 c. heavy cream
2 Tbls. Plain greek yogurt
6 Tbls. milk
2 pinches of nutmeg
1 pinch of clove
three small cloves of garlic
2 Tbls. chopped onion
1 Tbls. Grated Romano cheese
1 Tbls. Grated aged Asiago cheese
1/2 c. cut mushrooms
7 medium shrimp…shrimps

:eyes: Ok, writing that out, it’s not so simple :rofl:

I do find I need to eat it with homemade noodles…Oof! made it with Bertoli shells the other day and I was starving after eating it.

Also…There is such a thing as a too small batch of noodles…That was difficult to knead, heh.


Okily dokily! I spent a little bit of time to find the ratios for patato to flour & egg to flour for making some gnocchi.

So far what I have is:

  1. Potato => Flour 453g : 50g or 453g : 62g
  2. Egg => Flour 50g : 50g or 50g : 62g

Using only the yolk to add a little color to the mix, I had only a 19g egg yolk.

So, what I made for potato:egg is 141g:19g which came to 35g of flour rounded up (using the n:50g ratios).

Since I boiled the potato I presumed I might need a little more flour, so of course I over kneaded the dough, again, :roll_eyes:, as I added 50g more flour to the mixture in 10 gram increments. The dough is still heavily sticky, though, but I have a base to start from for the next time.

Hence: Here’s a unique search term for me to find this later, :rofl:. unclechuckie gnocchi catwithseventoes gnocchi gnocchi ratios (That should help me to find this if I forget where I put my notes, :rofl:).


In all the videos I’ve watched, I’ve never seen anyone fight with such a sticky batch of gnocchi, and I know I didn’t put in that small amount of flour…Hoo boy! Anyway, they are very very…very soft. :no_mouth:


I made baked sweet potato fries today, seasoned with fresh lemongrass and ginger (because they were in the fridge. You can leave them out, or substitute something else). The potatoes didn’t get real crispy, but tasted great! Even my husband loved them!

Two sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/4" sticks
A stalk of lemongrass, diced
A 1" knob of ginger, peeled and diced
Olive oil. Couple Tbs?

Combine all, bake at 450° for 30 minutes, flip and bake until brown

Next time, I’ll coat them in corn starch for crunch, and add a little sesame oil for flavor, and I’ll broil instead, checking every 5 minutes.

The lemongrass wasn’t really edible, but added flavor. I’ll leave it bigger next time . The ginger was delicious.

Update: tried again, with cornstarch. Not really crisper (I baked, not broiled), but I left off the silicone pan liner, and the bottoms browned nicely on the hot pan.


Caramel Syrup

i followstrong texted the recipe in the link, but didn’t get it to the desired color. However, what I am doing with it, it’s not that important. (almost took 20 minutes, :no_mouth:).

After it was done, I blended in just a pinch of salt, vanilla (which I mixed into the boiling water, just to be on the safe side, heh). Then I blended in one tablespoon each of powdered black walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Drum roll! Ooh! It’s not bad. Definitely didn’t cook the sugar right, but meh, next time will be better, :rofl:.

The buckwheat pancaks are made as usual but with 1/4 c. quinoa flour and three tablespoons of ground sunflower seeds. 2 tablespoons would have been enough, :person_shrugging:t5:.

have to see how it looks tomorrow…but I do think I have something to top the pancakes with. (don’t like extremely sweet things in large quantities, so I only drizzle sugary syrups onto them. Just enough for flavor).

Drat! The syrup crystalized while I was making this post. Crud! Going to reheat it and add a little more water.

Aaaaand even the drizzle was too much sugar…Eeeeewl


Rob loves to bake but flour based breads are not good for me so he’s always trying to find alternatives. Mostly recently he made this lentil flatbread that tastes a bit like injera, pretty amazing actually. Soft, flexible, nice & thin. It’s only lentils, water & salt but he added cumin to counter a slight after taste. Pretty nifty recipe all around.


Interesting! Love that he’s experimenting for you.

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I definitely need to go back to experimenting with other foods again. The creamy gnocchi/noodles is nooot a good thing on my stomach…Tongue, on the other hand, loves the stuff. :no_mouth:

And neither is this…Just need to use less of it, is all.

i cut the sugar down to only 1/4 cup, and the water to 1 cup. So the two or three tablespoons I used on my last pancake should have only contained about 1/2 to 1/3 teaspoon of sugar.

Hmm? Let’s do the math. It made about 1 c. and 3 tablespoons of sauce. That’s roughly 19 tablespoons of sauce. 4/19 x 3 ~= 0.63 tablespoons…Ok! Roughly 1+1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Hmm! That’s still a lot. O_o, but I don’t think I can get a good caramel flavor from any less sugar. :thinking:.

1/4 c. Sugar caramelized with
2+1/2 Tbls. Water

Whisked with
1 c. Water
1 Tbls. Corn starch
pinch of salt
1 tsp. Vanilla

Brought to a boil, then remove from heat and blend in
2 tsp. Ground unsalted sunflower seeds.
1 tsp. Ground black walnuts.


Next day, the caramel flavor has gotten stronger. The hint of sunflower seeds and black walnuts is really good.

I don’t think I can dilute the sweetness any more. I’m fairly certain this is the weakest it can be. However, it doesn’t make me overly nauseous like a fully sugary one does.

The only downside, is it is way too runny. I’ll need to rethink how to thicken it up. So, some more work will need to be done before I call it good.

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I didn’t take pics but I made this fish tonight with jasmine rice and Mr. road’s green sauce (cilantro/tomatillo based). It was sooo good.


Well, that’s not great. It’s going to be a bit dry. Pppp!

Eh, that’s what I get for changing how I would normally cook it. (as I’ve said, I’ve been dropping things fairly frequently, and I happen to have pulled the aluminum foil out of the box to which it rolled across the floor. :roll_eyes:).

At least the rolls came out good.

The banana bread, however, is a little dense, but not too bad.

Now I need to figure out what else I’ll make…that I have on hand. There’s the mashed taters and gravy…Ooh! I have peas…Meh, after my back calms down a little I’ll check the freezer over.


It looks great and the rolls look perfect! I made rolls for first time recently and they didn’t look nearly as good.

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I think your feast looks amazing, @CatwithSevenToes!

I made a delicious daal tonight, and since we had a rice based dish for lunch I tried my hand at making flatbread. No pictures since we ate the evidence :sweat_smile:

I have a recipe I use for general guideance and then modify for the ingredients I have and feel like including.

There’s always red lentils, coconut milk or cream, and what looks like too much water since the lentils will absorb a lot of it.

Today I was feeling fancy and scrounged up some whole spices that I ground with mortar and pestle. I had powdered spices in the mix too, but fresh ground makes a difference.


(Sung to Another one Bites the Dust)
:musical_note: Hey, another one tastes like crud.
:musical_note: And another one’s bad.
:musical_note: And another one’s bad.
:musical_note: Another one tastes like crud.
:musical_note: Hey! You’re gonna choke it down.
:musical_note: Another one tastes like crud.

The Muse took over my body and forced me to make this mess, :rofl:.

It’s made with lentils, blueberries, coconut flour, coconut oil, qinoa flour, honey, ground sunflower seeds, and the ones that held together, oat flour. The weird thing about this, it’s not bad because of the flavors, falling apart…it’s bad because I do not like fried coconut, :no_mouth:. Eeew! However, the insides taste so strongly of coconut that I can’t really taste any of the other stuff, :thinking:. Plus it is kind of bland (and oddly enough, the ones that fell apart taste better…I wonder if I could make a pudding out of them tomorrow…hmm).

Now for something that came out good.

I used the last bit of turkey meat from the other day, and some broth I froze some months back to make a turkey soup.


Hahaha…this gave me a chuckle. You’re such a brave cook, lol. The soup looks delicious!


Artichoke bruschetta flatbreads, with spinach, caramelized onion, and seared shrimp.


Nom Jennie, NOM!

Ground & stewing bison seared for tomato sauce & pressure cooker chili.


@MistressJennie - Don’t mind my drool over here…

@Magpie - double duty!

Also @Magpie - I recently bought dried black beans to try them in the pressure cooker like you recommended. Do you have a recipe you like? I just want to replace canned to reduce sodium levels so I plan to use them in other things once cooked - that’s what you do right?

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I precooked some adzuki beans for the chili, I should’ve have bothered! They were falling apart when I strained them, they would have cooked completely in the pressure cooker with the rest of the ingredients.
When I cook larger beans I either pre-soak in water with a sprinkle of baking soda or if cooking from dry, add the baking soda to the pot. I don’t add salt.
It’s so fast, chick peas from dry in 20 mins. If you are going to further cook them, like in a curry, quick pressure release. If they are to be eaten as-is, like in a salad, do a natural, or slow, release. Just let the pot cool down.