What's Your Jam?

I make a lot of quick jams, they are easy to make in small batches since they I don’t have pectin. I usually go with what ever is in season, or is relatively inexpensive in winter. We almost always have some in the fridge.

They are a bit looser than a regular jam but sooo much better than store bought and don’t take up a ton of space.

My favorites are blackberry and mango, but sometimes I like to add herbs and make crazy combos just because.

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I wish we had plentiful mangos where we live. I adore them and think mango jam would be awesome!


I love mango! Haven’t had mango jams but would love to try some. *adds to the list

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I’m not in an area I would expect mangos to be plentiful (NC) but in spring and early summer I can usually find them fairly easily and cheap (about a dollar a mango).

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While browsing the pb+j aisle at WalMart, I happened upon this delectible tidbit. It jumped into my cart.
I love the tangy sweetness, and that it’s not overpowering. Thank you @MissingWillow for broadening my horizon … and waistline lol.

Psst – it’s also good on ice cream!

It either came from our Aunt in a Christmas stocking or we picked it up on a whim somewhere but I opened a wee jar of this sticky and delectible lemon marmalade the other day that is da BOMB giggetty! Wow, is the ever good.

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Oh wow, I need to check my own WalMart. So glad you like it!

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Yay, glad you are enjoying it!