When you make a mistake, make coasters

I participate in the Block of the Month craft along. It’s fun to create a new block every month and sometimes challenging…especially when I decide to complicate things.
October’s block is easy, which is nice in a month when we are frantically witching or zombizing for the 31st. So I choose to go another route. But I did the math in my head to make a mini pumpkin as part of the large pumpkin block. And it was toooo small. I did redo and save the day, but now had an incredibly cute mimi pumpkin! Coaster time.

Here’s the mother and daughter pumpkin to go with mini.


This is utterly adorable!

It’s so cute!

Nice save, but also, a fun project for the holidays…pumpkin coasters for all!

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Cute! And I love the backing fabric, too!

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Aw, very cute!

So cute! Perfect save!

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Very cute! Coasters for the win!!

super cute!