Winter Book Swap 2022

Is anyone down for another round?



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I would be, but not until Nov.

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I would be. This is always a fun swap to me.

I would love to!

Definitely me if it’s after the holidays.

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Well, my husband dropped the kindle and it’s dead. So, I guess I’m going to be buying another like…now. Good time of year for it to happen, I suppose because of the sales. Maybe I should get two and he can have his own lol.

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That sounds like a great idea.

My niece gave me her book list so I’m looking forward to shopping for her at the local biz.

Do you read strictly on your Kindle?

No, I LOVE to have a real book in hand. The kindle is handy though. We have the Libby app so we rent books from the library on there. It’s convenient to not have to take them back. It was actually my daughter’s kindle from 2010 and it had stopped working years ago so we just kind of forgot about it. Well, early this year I got it out and thought on it some and ordered a battery from eBay and watched a video of how to change it and it’s been working perfect since (until my husband was carrying it and dropped it on the hard floor lol).

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