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Post all your amazing Winter Games Swap packages right here! Your know, before your partner posts them in the Games. :rofl:

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storerboughtcreation → Lynx2Lancer
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Bunny1kenobi → LovelyMiss


You guys! @Lynx already sent to me, and my super awesome swap package arrived yesterday! I was going to wait to open until I finished her item (which I did finish last night and plan to mail on Monday), but I couldn’t wait. :grin:

I love it! She sent me a bright and bold painting of two of my favorite Animal Crossing characters. Julian the unicorn and Tia the elephant turned out perfect! Every time I look at my painting, I can’t help but smile. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She also sent along a card with the perfect theme :hearts:

Thank you, Lynx2Lancer, for being my swap partner! I am pretty sure you’ll love what I made you. I’ll message you as soon as I get it mailed. And thank you, @gozer, for running this swap for our nerdy bunch :hearts:


The painting is adorable. How big is it?


It’s 11x14


I am so glad you love it!


Wow, that is a pretty big painting! And it’s so bright and fun!


You guys! I got my package from @LovelyMiss!! She spoiled me SO MUCH! My swap anxiety just hit the stratosphere and I may have to send another package just because! Check this out!

First, I got this fabulous pair of socks! (I have a major sock fetish- and if my son spots these, I may not ever see them again!)

A delightful scented candle! How did you know that evergreen is one of my favorites?

A whole bag of awesome whimsies!

I mean, how SERIOUSLY cool are these?

And the piece de resistance… a gorgeous cloche hat! SWOON! This hits all the buttons for me!

@LovelyMiss, thank you so very much for such a stunning package!


Wowza! @LovelyMiss That hat is amazingly incredible! It is so perfect for @Bunny1kenobi I know she is loving it. All those little doodads are so much fun! You really did an amazing package!


Yay!!! I’m so glad you like it! :smiling_face: That was the fourth hat attempt and I loved how it turned out! I feel like the other iterations didn’t work because this was the one I was supposed too make. :slight_smile: I was worried it wasn’t “geeky” enough! It has made my day that you’re happy with it!


Spoiler alert–you were spoiled! :rofl:

That hat is really great! Definitely hide the socks…from me, too!

Lots of fun doodads!


I received my package from @Bunny1kenobi and oh my gosh! I LOVE IT! It’s so beautiful, and all of the stunning little details…impeccable! Even my partner said, “Wow, that’s awesome!”

Already looking cool…

Open it up and…AAHHH!

Seriously?! Look at it! Those are pages from Galileo’s notebooks!

ngswap 5

A miniature master at work!

And the bricks around the edges!

Plus, she also sent the cutest spacey pencil box, exactly my style, and I already know what I’m going to use it for!

Thank you, again, so much! Swap anxiety can return to ZERO! It’s perfect! This has been such a fun swap!


@Bunny1kenobi that tiny telescope and the book are gorgeous! The blue curtain gives it a rich, luxurious feel. Love the package.


Oh, wow! It feels like you’re entering a special world when you open the “door” to see inside. Super awesome! :hearts:


Awwww… I’m so glad you like it!! I enjoyed making those wee things, especially the telescope!


And now everyone has sent! And Early! You guys are the best!!! Thanks for making this an easy swap to host!


Oh my gosh everyone!

If you are like me and just swoon over @storerboughtcreation’s wood-burnings, then prepare yourselves now!

How cool is this?? A wood-burned hummingbird clock! Yes, please!!

(The funny part about this sbc didn’t know was that I had toyed with sending her a painted clock!)

Apologies for the shadowy pictures. SBC and I had been texting when she noticed yesterday this awesome clock decided to detour on its way to my house. Luckily, it got back on track. I was away today, but tracking said it was delivered, so had my dh who wfh confirm and I let her know it had. But she still had to wait. And wait. And wait. I’m sorry The waiting killed me too.

This is sbc’s picture she took before I put the hands on, and it’s a little brighter.

I’m still deciding where I will hang it for now, but if I get to have my own classroom next year, I will hang it there!

Thank you so much! This is really cool and I love it!


I’m so glad you like it! And it’s funny that you mention waiting and waiting. It’s a clock. Time waits for no one! :crazy_face:


:rofl: That was totally an unintentional pun! Go me!


I KNEW you’d love it! And seriously, what’s not to love? @storerboughtcreation you are killing it with the woodburning!