Winter Gift Tags

I made these a few months ago for a swap. I like to re-use tags when possible but I also like the option to add a name so I made them with that in mind. One side is a wintery stamp and the other has a bit of masterboard on the bottom that leaves enough white tag space for adding a name.

Stamped side:

Colorful side:

And some in progress pictures:

I stamped along the long edge of white cardstock then I tore masterboard strips and used my sticker maker to stick them down onto the backside of where I stamped. The snowflakes all have a blue backside and the tree + sled have alternating green and red backs.

I was happy with how they turned out and might make more similar to this someday. I really liked the masterboard on the back :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!


I love the addition of the seasonally coloured master boards! Those look great and would also be an excellent technique for cards. Nice!

They are like a second present! Well done!

These are wonderful and apparently I need a sticker maker now.

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I like that the masterboards add a touch of colour to the reverse. Those are great!

the sled design is too cute!

Those are so pretty. I really like that sled stamp.

They are really pretty, so colourful and sort of simple, but with a lot of depth :smiley:

Those are really pretty, especially the back.

Showing my papercrafting ignorance here, but what is a masterboard? Is it a type of collage?

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The short answer is yes!

I first discovered masterboards through @Magpie when she Made These and @Lynx hosted a few swaps on the old site. Round one gallery here and round two is here :grin:

Warning ~ They are fun and addictive!


What a lovely finishing touch to a gift!

I’m glad you asked because I’m not hip to the cool kids’ lingo, either.

These are really cute!

Awesome winter gift tags…I like how you embellished the flip side of each tag. So festive!