Winter Holiday Decor Swap GALLERY (SO - 11/13)

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This is a Holiday Decor Swap for all of us who love to decorate our homes for the Christmas/Winter Holidays. Add a little cheer to your environment with this fun swap! The possibilities are endless; ornaments, tea towels, door hangers, coasters, garland, artwork, pillow covers, fridge magnets, knick knacks, shelf sitters, stuffies, hooplas, stockings, the list could go on and on! Extras are not required but can be discussed with your partner.

Now, Let’s see what got created!!! Show off your swap goodies here. Let the holiday cheer begin!!!


@gozer :gift:
@bunny1kenobi :gift:
@grenouille78 :gift: :gift:
@storerboughtcreation :gift:
@Rlynn :package:

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I got a paaackage! I got a paaackage! :grin: :partying_face:

@Bunny1kenobi was on the ball getting her crafts made and sent, and it arrived yesterday evening!

I’m delighted with all of it!

The star of the show is definitely this little Victorian house all decorated up for Christmas! Look at the teeny garland and wreath!

A peek at the tree inside…

Interior shots! Isn’t it so cozy?

Look at these impossibly small ornaments on the tree! And the cute little presents and star topper.

I had a hard time getting a clear picture on this side, but I wanted you all to see the tiny furniture. Upstairs there is a bed with a tiny coverlet.

Next, check out these great kitchen towels! Bunny1 knows that I love all things French and she had the idea to stitch and paint Christmas-colored fleur-de-lys, which I think is brilliant! I’m glad to have these because I really don’t have anything Christmasy in the kitchen.

Last, but not least are these great antique-look tags that say Joyeux Noel and a tiny vial of a spicy essential oil blend to flavor wassail. She was really paying attention to my questionnaire! I’m looking forward to our first batch of “wappadoodle.” :smile:

Thank you SO much! I love everything and I’m looking forward to it all becoming a regular part of our Christmases!


Oh wow! That tiny house is incredible. I could never make all those tiny details. The little cushions on the couch are adorable. Amazing job on that. The kitchen towels are great too. I love a useful craft. What a great start to the gallery! We all have a lot to live up too.


The tiny house!! So cute and smol. I love the combo of stitching and painting on the kitchen towels.


Thanks, guys! :blush:

And I’m so glad you like everything, @grenouille78!!


I got my package from @storerboughtcreation and oh my, did she spoil me! I have some major swap anxiety right now and I am about to show you why!
First up, this adorable countdown to Christmas plaque. I already have it hanging up. :santa: She did a beautiful job aging it and with the lettering.

Then she gave me some of her fantastic pumpkins. These are perfect for the transition to Thanksgiving and will go on my end table. She made some of these previously and I have always loved them.

Then for Christmas I will switch them out for this adorable snowman. He is so soft! It’s crazy. And I will add the adorable GIngerbread man recipe cross stitch to my wall.

She didn’t stop there guys. There is more! She also included these utterly phenomenal cat ornaments! I will have to hang them up far, far away from my real cats! Ha! They are so stinkin’ cute! I love their sketchy feel!

ANd last but not least, I asked her for one of her tiny mice. It is so cute. It has a Christmas tree cross stitched on it! It’s so tiny and cute!!!

I love it all! Thank you so much for such a completely fantastic swap package. I have major swap anxiety now. Major! :heart_eyes:


Oh man, it’s all gorgeous! She must have been stitching up a storm!


What a fun swap package. I love the countdown board. I think my favorite is the collection of kitty ornaments! Oh and the teeny tiny mouse! :heart_eyes:


The teeny tiny mouse is to die for! It is way too cute to exist. She made some for herself and I specifically asked for it. I don’t normally make such specific requests but it was too cute to not try.


That little mouse is so adorable! And that countdown is awesome! I’m also a big fan of the pumpkins, of course… well, let’s be honest, the whole package is fantastic!


I received from @gozer today! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! I love it all soooooo much! Sloths are my favorite animal. Christmas lights are my favorite thing about Christmas. They bring so much ambiance and cheer! Gozer sent the perfect package to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :christmas_tree: :sloth: :hearts:

First up, we have these two quilt squares:

I didn’t see the hedgehog square behind the sloth square. To be fair, neither did @QueenHobo. Our dad is still laughing at us. I’m glad he found it (I’m sure I would have eventually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), because it also makes me so happy! I think I might get floating frames to display them in as is. I love the water colors, the fancy stitched, and the shiny fabric she used. Thank you, gozer!

But those are just the start! Next up, we have these two felt sloth ornaments. I added string to the back to hang them from, and attached them to the barn door we finally got put up last night. They are the perfect touch! :sloth: :hearts: I had to pull out the hot glue gun to put a bell back on the ribbon one of the sloths is holding. Grumpy Frog, my two year old niece, got a little over exuberant looking at them. But at least I kept her from stealing the pair!

Next, we have these amazing Christmas lights water colors. The frames she put these in are perfect! They are shiny and red, and make me so happy!

And last, but certainly not least, there is a Christmas lights garland I have hanging above the barn door. It’s pictured with everything together (except the quilt squares). It goes perfectly with my Merry Slothmas hoop I made for myself. :hearts: :green_heart: :hearts: :green_heart: :hearts:

Thank you, gozer, for such an amazing package! I love everything you made me, and I never want to take any of this down. Maybe it will stay up forever :grin:


Mr sbc just got home from work. He walked into the room, smiled, and said it felt very festive in the room. He’s usually not a big holiday guy, but he’s enjoying listening to some Christmas music and staring at my (I suppose our) awesome new happy decor. Thank you again, @gozer! I love it all!


Those are all so cute and they look so good all hung up together! The sloths (and hedgehog!) are adorable and I really like the way she painted the lights. So fun!


I’m so glad you like it all @storerboughtcreation! It matches perfectly with your sloth. I’m glad you liked it all. I had serious swap anxiety after I got such an amazing package from you! Thank you for being a wonderful partner.


Very cute package! The sloths look like they are playing jingle bell jump rope! :grin:

The scrappy fabric art is adorable and I LOVE the lights- both the wall art and the Garland!


I love the Christmas lights garland and matching watercolor paintings!

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I received from @grenouille78

First up, this beautiful nail and string wall hanging. It is much bigger than it looks, so I took a picture with my hand, for scale.

Look at this beautiful quilt she made me! I’m in love! My husband promptly stole it and snuggled with it. It has the patches on one side and a snowman scene on the other side. It’s going to look awesome on my couch this Christmas!

And then a cute painted tin with a hat that has candy inside! He is adorable!

Thank you so much, @grenouille78 !


What a great swap package! I love the string art!!