Winter Tea Towels

Here are a few tea towels I made for myself and as gifts. The patterns are new-ish.


So pretty! :heart_eyes:

These are all so sweet. I love the Let it Snow the best. The colors and softness of it are beautiful!


I was about to say the same thing! lol

We are synched today! lol


I like the buildings all festive!

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So, so, pretty! For some reason, I find “Let it Snow” and the ornaments the most appealing. They are all very beautiful!

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They feel so homey! I like them all, but that Christmas village is my favorite!

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They’re both cheerful and calming with those colors. AWESOME!

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Ditto what @gozer already said

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Gorgeous stitching!! Love the ornaments.

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Beautiful! :snowflake:

So sweet and I love the vintage look. I also love feed sack tea towels…they are the best.

:snowflake: :sparkles: Congratulations! This fantastic project has brightened our winter days as a feature this week! :sparkles: :snowflake:

Awww! Thank you!

As always, your embroidery is quite lovely. I really like the first two the most!

Lovely! Were these patterns you made or followed via iron transfer? I’ve never tried making my own patterns. Either way, these are very pretty. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Gorgeous! I love the winter themed ones because you can use them throughout the whole winter, but the little ornament/Christmas ones are cool too. So delicate and pretty.

They were a mix. The winter ones were iron on patterns and the Christmas ones were a mix of clip art/embroidery patterns I found online and mixed them together.