Winter Wooly Cross Stitch

I have had this cross stitch piece for years and I finally decided to stitch it up. Instead of floss I used yarn. It is basically paint by numbers with yarn. It is 16x16 inches. I want to make a pillow. It is so kitschy and cute.


Oh my goodness, the little squirrel and bird friend are SO CUTE!!

Adorable! The yarn seems to give it a plusher appearance.

Love the use of yarn! So cute!

I love this so hard


Itโ€™s adorable!

So nice! It will make. wonderful cushion cover

Love this - great idea using yarn!

Thatโ€™s adorable and would make the best pillow!!!

This is adorable! Very hygge

I love how this turned out!

:eyes: Well, lookie here! :eyes: Your amazing craft is one of this weekโ€™s Featured Projects! :rainbow:

Awww! Thanks!

I didnโ€™t even know you could do that, use yarn. It looks incredible.

That is so darn cute! I love a wooly looking cross stitch.

So cute! Would look so good in my old bungalow style house.

Congratulations! Your Winter Wooly Cross Stitch was a BEST OF LETTUCE CRAFT 2021!