Collab Pillow Covers

Kittykill made these adorable cross stitch kits and I offered to make them into pillow covers for her as a birthday gift.


I was given cart blanch for fabric choices - gulp. I made the birds and the squirrel match as they seemed like a nice winter set with several colors in common.


The backs are simplified woodgrain with a zipper closure placed through the back rather than on the edge, because I was concerned about the thickness of the yarn cross stitch combined with the piping was going to make me cuss and cry if I tried to put a zipper in there. Not to mention maybe mess up the cross stitch!


The piping is made with green to go with the trees in both the stitches.


The faun with the roses felt springy and fresh! I had ideas of what back fabric I was hoping to find that did not pan out, but I did find a red with white dot in a shade of red that really went nicely with the cross stitch and of course tied in with the bow on the faun’s head!


I did the piping in the same fabric.



These look fabulous!

I LOVE the way they turned out! They are just the sweetest. Thank you dear friend!


I really like that woodgrain fabric-- nice contrast to the cross-stitch designs.

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Oh these are fantabulous! The fabric choices are perfect!

Thanks, friends!

Good choices! You two make a great collaborative team as well with the additional bonus of being best friends! Beautiful work, both of you!

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Those are so sweet & so well-stitched!

“Collab” in the title caught my eye and Oh My Goodness…these are ADORABLE! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, pals!

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Also, I love the look of piping but I’ve never tried it :see_no_evil: Did you make your own? Is it difficult?

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Thanks! I did make these and it’s not difficult, if you don’t mind making bias strips! It helps A LOT to have a cording foot for your machine when making it and when sewing it to your piece.


These are just awesome! I love the cross stitch and the fabric choices are great! That red polka dot! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I love seeing these cross-stitch again, they are the cutest! They make great cushions too, excellent fabric choices.
Happy Birthday @kittykill !

These are freaking adorable! You guys are a great team!! Happy birthday @kittykill !!

I remember ooh-ing and aah-ing over the original cross stitches, but you’ve taken these to the next level. What a thoughtful gift! Your fabric choices are spot on.

Aww, thanks everyone! It was a fun, if nerve racking, collaboration!

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These are adorable!

So cute it hurts.

Thanks so much, y’all!