Wishbone Wish Cross Stitch Pillow Cover

Wishbone wishes are tied entirely to Thanksgiving memories for me, so as odd as it might be this is going to be a November decoration at my house.

I’ve recently realized that if I used pillow covers I could have seasonal and various throw pillows and not have try to find a place to store so many bulky pillows, just covers!

This is the second one I’ve done and they have these things in common:
Zipper closure
Stash zipper (hence the contrasting color) and fabric for the body of the cover
Pattern from HappySlothPatterns on Etsy
12" x 16" (30.5 x 40.5 cm)

This is the first one.


this kicks so much butt!!

I need to start doing pillow covers instead of pillows, too! Smart idea and well executed. :grin:

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Oh, that is the best! :heart:

Thanks, friends!

I love this!

Amazing. Yes please - to all of it lol.

Thanks, y’all!

This is so rad! Your stitching is amazing.

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I love your pillow covers so much! They are awesome!

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Thanks so much!

Awesome job!

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…Sigh! Another one on my bucket list!! Always wanted to do some crosstitch, too! Just not enough life times!!! Love this!

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Having posted this in some other groups, I have been asked if I would make them for sale.

  1. I don’t know what the legalities of doing so with this particular pattern maker are, but
  2. what I say is “Well, this took about 50 hours, so…” to indicate that we both understand the asker is not going to be willing to pay several hundred dollars for a sassy pillow cover.
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I really love your cover…I want it :sob: :sob:

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I wish for this, too

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Thanks, all!