With two cats in the window....bird watching

Meet Felix (yellow eyes) and Oskar (green eyes)

I made up this cross-stitch pattern to honor our two lovable and annoying cats. They will eventually be displayed in a 6" hoop, but I have to purchase one, I am all out. I used 8 count Aida cloth. in natural It’s soft and earthy. And I used 6 strand floss.
It’s always fun trying to illustrate a black cat or a mostly white cat and give enough detail to look cat like.

The pattern can be modified to suit your cat and is based on 8 stitches per inch.




You did make the pattern! I had a feeling…
It’s completely adorable, thank you for sharing it so generously.

Adorable. You had me at cats. Ha! That’s so coo that you make your own pattern and shared it. I love that they have different noses.

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You really did capture the essence of “bird watching” cats!

That’s adorable - well done!

I adore this! You truly captured your kitties.

So cute! thank you for sharing your gorgeous pattern :heart:

:bomb: Boomdiggity! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :boom:

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Aw! The cats are so lovely!

So cute! And way more special because you designed it, too!

Gah! This is soooo cute that it makes me smile just from looking at the photos. Adorable!

Thank you. And the kitties are purring.

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That is so stinking cute! And black is very hard to represent, I have a black dog and every pic of her looks like a blob