Wonky produce bag

This took longer than it should have. I know I worked on it at my break at work back when actually going to work was a thing. I might have started for a challenge on here actually. Meh… I blame covid. I can do that, right?

What finally helped me finish was the Challenge chain Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump and ”string” coming up as a challenge. It still took a few weeks, but today I weaved in the ends and had a photo shoot.

The bag is loosely based on the weightless produce bag pattern below:

I accidentally cast on double the stitches I was going for so it looks very wide and shallow when it’s empty. I would have gotten a neater finish if I had changed to smaller needles for the handles.

It can swallow a lot of produce, however. Look at it filled with swap yarns :yarn:

This bag weighs around 16 g so it shouldn’t break the bank at the store.


Wonderful! I love the color and I love how large it stretches to. What strung did you use? Great job!

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Awesome job! Good on you for finishing it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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looks great!
I started one of those a year or 2 ago, and should really dig it out & finish it!

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It’s called Fino cablé from the yarn company Kinnatextil. I found a couple skeins in a bargain bin some years ago and thought it seemed good for making mesh bags. I’ve made one bright yellow in the same yarn a couple summers ago and have used it a lot. Looks very small but stretches like you wouldn’t believe.

So cute n chic :heart_eyes:

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Neat! It really expands!

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Nice work! It looks useful too, you are inspiring me to rummage through my stash for something similar :grinning:

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It does! The first one I made is even smaller, but I can cram tons of produce in there. I’ve even carried books in it.