Wonky To-do List Notepad

A lot of pads or sets of printed cardstock come with sheets of images of various sizes that I think are mostly meant for journaling or scrapbooking. Since I don’t really do those crafts, I end up with these sheets adding bulk to my stash. Then recently as I was digging through various pads, I thought… I’ll just cut out these lined ones and use 'em for the inevitable to-do lists and the like.

Then, I thought why not get out the trusty Bint-it-all and make a little wonky notebook? THERE WAS NO REASON WHY NOT!

Here are a few of the pages to illustrate the size wonk and the style wonk. TWICE THE WONK for your buck!

Random is hard for me, but I think I managed it pretty well here. Poor lighting is easy!


Love this idea - and I’m totally stealing it. I have the same issue and now I have the solution!


Cool! I’d love to see your version when it’s done, @Smmarrt

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Your wonky notepad is charmingly random!
Super cute idea for using up miscellaneous bits of paper in your stash :slight_smile:

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How nice that you can combine all the papers notes :smiley: and random is hard for me as well, so really good job!


Ooh get thee behind me temptress. I have been looking at binding machines. And you have given me another reason to get one. Mind you I was looking at the plastic comb ones, your metal binding one looks way better.


I’ve been looking at binding machines, too. We have the plastic comb one at work, but I like either the wire one, or the spiral coil. I like TruBind, but I’ve also thought of just a hole punch, like the one by memory keepers

it really is a great way to use all those small pads they give away. @TheMistressT which machine do you have?

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Thanks everyone!

@Edel @JoyfulClover I have had my Bind-it-all for close to a decade and LOVE it. I don’t used it as much as I thought I might, but when I do it is just the thing! There are certainly limitations to this one as it is small so doing longer “spines” is a bit fiddly. I think I also prefer the wire to plastic (I used to use a plastic one at work many years ago) and the spiral coil would be very cool.


This is a cute idea! Yay for wonk and making use of pretty things!

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I really like this! I love all the variety of papers.

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Good for you for getting in touch with your inner wonk!

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I, too, love this. It’s a great idea and I think would also make fun presents for other crafty friends.

Thanks so much everyone! I will certainly be looking at those types of pages in notepads differently now.

I love this! I am definitely doing this!!

This is such a great idea! I have some random paper scraps that I could utilize for this. And, it would give me good practice with my Bind-it-all. I used to have it down pat, but since I haven’t used it in a while, I’ve forgotten all of the tips for successful binding!

Thanks everyone! It’s been a lovely surprise how this project has been embraced! I almost didn’t post it since it is sort of quick n dirty.