My version of TheMistressT’s Wonky notepad

Continuing the discussion from Wonky To-do List Notepad:

I stole borrowed @TheMistressT idea for using up card stock paper meant more for journaling or scrapbooking. I went through my considerable paper stash to organize it and pulled out some of those types of sheets. Most were 12”x12”. I cut them up into uneven fourths. I don’t have a bind it or other book binder but I do have a happy planner punch and happy planner disks!

So I set to punching and came up with this. I like I can rearrange the pages or pull them out. My plan for this notepad is to keep it at my craft table to jot down notes and ideas when crafting. Thanks for the idea @TheMistressT !

Ignore my grungy thumb nail. I had been painting.


I love love love this. I was wondering what to do with my planner disks at the end of the school year and now I know!


I am stealing from both of you! I have so many of those disks and a punch…just never thought about making my own notebook…love all of the papers you have used…I have stacks of little notes on my desk…it would be great to corral them into something where I can find them, take them with me if needed, and put them back (or toss)…

This is why I love this site…so many creative ideas to …borrow!


I love this. I have never heard of planner disks. But obviously now I can’t be happy a moment longer without them, wanders off to google them


I love these!


Yours is AWESOME! This seems like the perfect marriage for that style of binding and these wonky papers! I love that you can move the papers in and out so easily.


Such a cool use of leftovers :smiley: and there is no problem borrowing ideas


Your version turned out great!


Pure brilliance. I like the different shapes and sizes of the pages.

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I love that the disks are reusable!

I’m happy to be an enabler!

Brilliant! to both of you!

And i think there are remainder planner disks around here someplace. You know I’m going to go scrounge.

I actually got some end of the year Happy Planners just to do my own books. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to print my calendars. I keep changing the sizes. I’m still trying to figure out reusing the divider tabs they have in them. May end up making my own out of plastic folders if I don’t figure it out.