Wool & Faux Fur Christmas Stockings

Our Christmas stockings no longer represented our interests and our life - they came from back when we had a younger, urban life. While these are a little less custom and quite a bit less edgy, I think they suit our current home and lifestyle better! According to Santa, the old ones were also quite narrow and it was pretty difficult to fit gifts into them. :wink:

The wool is like a coat-weight and quite lovely - I found it this summer at an indie fabric store. The faux fur is left over from some wombat slippers I made years ago and also a very nice quality.

I got lucky finding the lining at JoAnn. I went ahead and lined the back of the fur cuff, as well. Let me tell ya’, both pinning and sewing slippery lining to faux fur was… not super fun. :grimacing: I think it was worth it, though.

I may keep my eyes peeled for bigger (holiday) brooches or some things that are more specific to each of our personalities and interests, but for now I am happy with these little snowflakes that I had on hand. The initials were from stash, picked up at a thrift store last year.

To keep from adding even more thickness to wear the hanging loops attach, I just did a single layer of wool. To help keep the edges intact a bit better, I did a blanket stitch with embroidery floss I had in stash. A different stash floss sewed the letters to the cuff, as well

The back is the same even though I know some stockings are plainer/simpler on the back.

And here they are hung by the chimney with care. We kept Delia’s stocking as it still suits her!


To help them hang “straight” while waiting for Santa to fill them, I use an empty egg carton.

I used this tutorial for assembling a lined stocking with cuff - with a modification for the cuff construction - which worked a treat.


Goodness, has the phrase “wombat slippers” ever appeared anywhere else? :rofl: In any case, these are simply beautiful! You have such a knack for bringing materials and treasures together to make the perfect project. I hope Santa fills these to the gills for you guys!


Woodsy chic! Really beautiful, and beautifully stitched. I love the initials dangling from the cuff.


Thank you both so much! Such kind words!

Ha! Well, yes. When I posted the project on Craftster lo those many years ago. :rofl:


These are beautiful! The color combo, the embellishments… they are lovely!


Thank you so much, friend!

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These are so beautiful!


A very grown up set of stockings. I am having proximal anxiety just thinking about sewing that slippery lining! The extra touches are perfect.


Thanks so much, y’all!

TheMisterT was a little… surprised at how plain they are, especially before the pins and letters, given how much time I spent. I told him, “They are very well constructed!” :rofl: And then explained that the slippery and the furry are both hard to work with on their own, let alone together!


They are classy and cozy looking.

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Oooo, they remind me of cozy winters by the fire. I can’t imagine working with a sleek lining like that. I like your added touch of the initials and the beautiful snowflake brooches. I’m totally going to save my egg cartons for this purpose! We don’t actually use our stockings because we’re always gone for Christmas. My son used to have a Santa slipper that we took with us because it was stretchy, but it has long since been misplaced. Santa still comes to the house, but he leaves special-wrapped presents on the dining table for breakfast time.

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Thank you! I was really trying to “keep it classy” but it’s so easy for me to slip into irreverent/edgy/funny/blue, so I am kind of proud of myself for staying the course!

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I was so pleased when I found this solution to the twisted/saggy stocking! With our old stockings, one used a paper towel tube. It also keeps them nice and uncrinkled (un-Kringled?) while in storage, though it does take up more room.

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Love the colors of the grown up stockings but the paw stocking stole my heart.

Did you use an anti-static lining? That’s what I used for my faux fur coat and scarf.

Thanks! I also love that paw stocking and only for a split second considered making Delia a matching green one.

Nope. Since these just hang there, static wasn’t a factor. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue while making them, either.

LOL stitch stitch zzzzzzz

Gorgeous! So sophisticated and lovely! I love the monogram charms, and the snowflake broaches!

Thanks so much, friend!