Wooly Basket 3 - oh my!

Officially obsessed, just finished this one and started another. They are so satisfying and a great recliner project. I am running low on interesting colors, lots of gray, tan and brown left. But the bin is shrinking, or it might be if I return all the balls of yarn now scattered everywhere. The cat steals them.

This one is black, navy, gray and added random bits. It’s about 9" tall by 9" across, though it feels bigger. Now to figure out what to fill it with other than balls of yarn.


Fantastic colours, this one is so great!

You’re really great at making these baskets!

I love it!

You inspired me to take to the yarn cabinet and see what is longing to become one of these cool baskets. I do feel like I’m drowning in stuff, maybe cute baskets corralling it all will help! Lol

Love all the cooors perking through. Remind me— how many types of yarn are you crocheting together to get that marvelous, colorful, chunky look?

Let’s see, number of yarns. It depends on the weight of the yarn. This one at one point had one sock wt, one baby light blue fluffy stuff, a strand from a wool sweater I frogged years ago from the thrift store, they are pretty thin, and two or three worsted wt (or thereabouts). I just gather strands until it feels the right weight and start crocheting, if it seems too light, I add something, if my hook won’t play nice, I drop a strand. Very scientific! I go for a heathey look.


Thanks for the picture and info. Looks so cool!

Love it! The colors remind me of Delft pottery.

blueeeeee! :blue_heart: (these are great! I do not need another project… unless maybe I do… :eyes:)

Those look great, will be so useful, and way to bust stash!