WOW, my 1st 'on my own' post!

Clothes pins aren’t just for hanging clothes at my house.

I’m crafting for a show in December of 24

I’ve got many more of these done. Pretty happy with them.

Yeah, I hate these too, lol. They won’t make it to the show.

I like these okay. I want to put up a “$1 tree” to draw folks in. (bwahh-haha)


These are very cute for $1 !!!

The rustic feel of these are charming. The clothespin angels are neat; My mom would love them!

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Wow! On your way to a fabulous booth!

Lovely! Good job :orange_heart:

Very cute! The church is my fave.

These are all great, but I especially love the trees at the end.

You’re going to be cooking with gas by the time the show comes around! My favorites are the cone trees. Not because I am a sucker for the underdog, but because I just love a 3D tree representation.

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Me too! As a group, they look messy, but individually, they are charmingly rustic.

I love the clothespin snowflakes!

I really like the green block tree! Unique! Good luck with the show.

Aww, I like the cone shapped thingies. :grin: And the churches and houses are wonderful. You have some great stuff to offer at the show.

So charming and cute!

Congrats on your first post!! :heart: Wow, you are well on your way to a boothful for December!

That 2nd photo is fascinating!
The tree w negative space (or whatever the terminology is)
Great job and your booth will be fabulous, I predict!

“they like them” “they really really like them”
(said in a drama movie voice)

Thanks everyone, I have more but I don’t want anyone to overdose, lol.
(see painted pot swap post for explanation)

hug rabbit dog

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These are all so cool!!!

My favourite is the dragonfly. Such a creative use of clothespins!

These look very fun and creative! Thank you for the inspiration!