Wrapping a Soft Gift to Look Like Hard Candy


Having finished a couple of xmas 2020 gifts, I felt compelled to get them wrapped up and I wanted them to be cylinders in some fashion. Then I realized I had some red cellophane in my gift wrapping stuff and decided to go with a candy look.

To keep the gifts still a secret, I first wrapped a piece of printed cardstock around them and secured them with washi tape.


Then I cut the cellophane with enough extra to twist on the ends and wrapped it around.



I was hoping that the twisted cellophane would hold itself closed like a candy so they could just pull them open like a candy! But it didn’t, so I used some red embroidery floss to tie them so they wouldn’t show very much.

Then I got all excited about using some new letter dies with my Sizzix to make tags.



The gift wrapping geek that I am is kind of super stoked with how the layers of this all tie together with the polka dots, the blue/red, the candy canes, etc.


Cleverly disguised! Fun, too! I bet they love getting things from you…a complete ensemble!

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Pure delightfulness! A very thoughtful pair of gifts, inside and out!

Aw, thanks ladies! Since we haven’t gotten to spend a Christmas or birthday with them in 7 years when they were very little, I honestly don’t know if they notice! They did really like and appreciate the handmade figural boxes their birthday gift cards came in last year, tho!

Totally fun! You are most certainly their “cool aunt”!

Ooh, tricky! I love it!!

I’m always so envious of people that are great at coordinating wrapping and all the details that go into it. You do a fantastic job!

Thanks, y’all!

@sheepBlue You’re sweet! But… yeah, I probably spent an hour and a half wrapping those up… TOTALLY NOT SUSTAINABLE!

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Sweet all around! It’s impressive that you’ve already tackled Christmas gifts (and finished them), and it is only Feb.! You go!

But you clearly enjoyed yourself the WHOLE TIME! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@pottermouth Guilty. I am that person. I pick up and hoard xmas gifts all dang year.

@sheepBlue Oh, I totally did!

They look amazing. The only way to create such lovely gifts and wrap them that beautifully without giving yourself apoplexy is to start this early I’m sure!

Nice! I like wrapping presents “candy style” but I never went so far as to actually make a tube for them. Usually I just kind of roll the present up and hope for the best. Haha.


@Magpie You are not wrong.

@MegAskunk This is my first time! It’s been ages since I used cellophane (that stuff has got to be over 20 years old), when I use just wrapping paper, I don’t tube it.

Super duper cute idea!

Thank you!


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