Yarn Cross Stitch Retro Deer

I fell in love with this pattern/kit years ago and finally tracked it down. It is 16x16 and will definitely become a pillow.


That is so sweet. I love the color scheme, too. Definitely worthy of becoming a pillow.

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So freakin cute!

OMG I love it! That is the sweetest little deer, and the colors are great.
What size Aida cloth did you use for the yarn, and what weight yarn, do you know?

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Just absolutely darling! And will make a wonderful pillow!

Awwwww! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Let me just get out the insulin, because that is so swet!

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Thanks all! I am so happy with the way it turned out.

It came from a kit but if you wanted to do something like this, the canvas is that type that you use for rugs. The yarn is just acrylic yarn. I have wanted it forever! I thought it was no longer available and I found it. Vervaco makes the best yarn cross stitch kits. The canvas is painted and it is literally a cross stitch paint by numbers. They give you everything and you just stitch it up. After doing a couple of these, I think I am going to try to do my own patterns on this type of canvas with yarn.
Here is the kit:


That’s just the sweetest!

Gotta love these old school kits! Second one you’ve made recently, right? This is how I learned cross stitch back in the days.

Yep! I’ve made 3 so far.

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Cute. I’m learning to know your style and most often guess it’s your project before looking who posted it.

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So adorable, and the bow is just darling!

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Absolutely adorable! It’s going to make the sweetest little pillow!!!

It is going to make the cutest pillow and its a great way to show off the awesome work you did on it.

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