Zelda: Majora's Mask Skull kid (Work in Progress)

It’s not blue and yellow… It’s not blue and yellow… c1f~2

I’m losing my mind over not having the right clay for this haha.

It looks fine to me in blue and yellow… but if you don’t like the color, couldn’t you paint it, like you painted the ribbon?

@endymion definitely can. I’m just annoyed that this is purely because I lost all my clay and have to resort to using any light colors I have. I lucked out that I had blue and yellow.

Here’s how it looks now that is IS painted.



Just a little update. No pics unfortunately. But I’ve run into some weight issues. So I’m delayed a bit more than I’d like. The left arm is going to be holding most of the weight from the figure, by the elbow joint and it’s snapped on me. I’ve got it reglued. But if it happens again I’m going to need to probably drill new holes and put wire inside of it. The same situation is happening with the left hand. It’s holding a mask and the mask and side of the hand will be glued to the ribbon. But if that can hold the weight, then I’m probably going to have to also drill a hole through the hand and the ribbon and put a wire through that. Then simply paint over it. Thankfully it’s not a game ender for the project. But I’m finding these issues closer to the end of the project. So hopefully nothing worse happens.

If there’s anyone on here that has a better idea for securing the figure to the ribbon, I’m all ears.

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Wish I had answers, but I’m simply sitting here in awe, with my mouth gaping open. There may or may not be a little astonished drool involved.

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