Zetti experiments

I tried my hand at Zettiology (the style developed by Teesha Moore) for the Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong. My first Zetti piece was an ATC made with magazine cuttings, distress ink, envelope lining, and gel pen.

I’d actually created a bug element for the ATC that ended up being too big for that size, so I had to make a larger project. The colors are a little weird in this photo.

This is a. . .thrinchie? trinchie (didn’t he steal Christmas)? It’s ~3 inches square, cut from a masterboard by @Smmarrt. It’s magazine, paper, book text, washi, distress inks, and gel pen. It kind of ended up being an exercise in frustration – a lot of the design choices were coverups/plan B’s – but it’s growing on me.

Thanks for looking!


These are so fun and colorful! I so love the heart over the mouth in the first one and the spiral or concentric rings in the second. So cool!

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Beautiful, and so creative!

THE BUG EYEBALL! I totally see the zetti in it. She is all about the eyeball.

These are so fun!

The eyeball one is fab.

They look fabtastic! The buggy eyeball thrinchie(?) is so fun. Keep on experimenting!