Zipped Lips to make you laugh

In the Challenge Chain for Fun
I claimed Make Me Laugh and sewed a Lip Shaped pouch, complete with piercing

When you open it up, you’ll find a cookie inside

When my grand daughters get a bit older, I’ll make this again, with a few improvements, for them to carry little goodies in.


Oh my goodness this is funny, inside and out!

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OMGoodness, when I saw this originally in the challenge chain thread, I thought you put an actual cookie in there! Now I see it’s cookie fabric and I love it even more :heart_eyes:


everyone needs a cookie pouch! :cookie:

Ha! I thought the lips were pretty neat on their own, but I love the lining you chose…it’s the cherry on top (or the cookie inside!).

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The inside is brilliant.

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I never thought people would think it was a real cookie but I can see it now that you say that :smiley:

Ya, I did a cookie double-take too, it looks SO REAL!

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