Zoom Craft Classes

I sent a few people this way but I’m not able to attend

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Thanks Malinda! :heart:

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This is such a great idea! I haven’t been on the site much this summer, so I totally missed this initially. I don’t think I have any skill that I can teach to others, but I’d definitely love to learn some!

One thing I’d love to learn is how to make a ticker tape quilt (like the sloth that someone made over on the old site…@SheepBlue maybe?).


I like this idea!

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We have another class scheduled! Scrappy beads with @Magpie.


We are doing a little adjusting for the next three months.

There will not be a class in October. @MistressJennie will be teaching a class in November and @Abbeeroad is going to teach our December class.


Thank you for all the behind the scenes work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank YOU for helping and wanting to teach!

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I have supreme impatience, lemme tell ya! lol, looking forward to future classes, super excited!

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For anyone curious, my November class will be an Intro to Canning, specifically Small Batch Canning, that can be done without a giant waterbath canner. Instead we will be doing small recipes that make 3-4 half-pint jars, processed in an average kitchen stock pot. That way folks who are curious can give canning a try, before deciding if they want to invest in a whole setup, and will have some nice homemade gifts all ready for holiday giving.

I’m actually going through some small batch canning recipe books today to pick out what we’ll be making together. We’ll be doing 2 recipes, probably a jam or jelly, and a pickle or salsa. Looking for recipes for produce that will be in season, and affordable to everyone. :books: :open_book: :pencil2:


This class might be just the thing to help me finally conquer my fear of getting started with canning!


I’m not saying cranberries…but cranberries


I didn’t hear what you said :smiley:

Cranberries are naturally high in pectin, making them excellent for jams. Just sayin’.

I’m actually looking for a small batch version of Christmas Jam, which is cranberry, strawberry, and spices. Not sure if I’ll find one, but I’m looking.


I have the one I made in junior high. It uses frozen strawberries, so it’s perfect for November. We didn’t water bath can it (wax seals), but I’m sure you could process it for the standard 10 minutes for jam.


Once everyone has taken the small batch class, if you are looking to do bigger scale canning, a few states still have community canning centers where you can use their equipment (so you don’t have to have the giant stock pot or pressure canner), and the cooperative extensions also often offer classes if anyone wants more detailed or specialized information.

I’m super interested in this. I grow a LOT of veggies in my garden and have always been intimidated by canning. My grandmother used to can everything!

Cranberry strawberry? Oh my, yes please! Though I so love the classic cran-orange flavour profile. So good with maple syrup to sweeten & clove/star anise warming spices. ~drool~
I love canning, it’s super fun & easier than you think. I’m so curious to see how a live class will work, my camera set up to show both my face & hands was… interesting? It involved elastic bands, lol.

We should have a topic on how to film & photograph well. It’s complicated!


Are you keeping a notification list for when you post supplies and sign up info?
If so, I’d like to be added :blush: