12 Days of Christmas 2021 Gallery

My first day started with a fun bath bomb and a few extras from @momiemae. Thank you for all the floss!


@mel that rhubarb and ginger tea sounds amazing!

@jemimah love that flamingo fabric! fabric bags are such a great idea.

@Rlynn great mug! love that fabric for the pouch.


Here are some of my goodies from @kittykill

I got a cute felt angel for my tree.

and here are some extras too!


I wish I was home. I’m so miserable. But I’m glad you like Day 0 and Day 1. Day 1 I am fairly positive is made from a shirt that you gave me a long time ago if I wanted to turn it into something crafty. It was formerly a men’s flannel shirt.


Yep, I recognized it right away - it was my dad’s. Gave me all the feels. :heartbeat:


Wow you guys, so many beautiful things already!!

It’s the 14th here so I’ve opened two parcels. @Edel has already completely spoiled me!!

Here’s the pile of fabric wrapped goodies under the tree…

Day one is a precious piece of Alice in Wonderland themed Liberty fabric which Edel shared with me :heart:, and … a monogram seal and sealing wax!! Perfect :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Day two is this amazing artwork :rocket: :space_invader: AND pretty earrings too!! Shimmery and fabulous!!

Thank you Edel, I already feel like I should be sending you some more cool things!! These gifts are beautiful :sparkling_heart:


So glad it arrived in time for opening.

I think you’d asked me about the ones I used a while back so took that as interest!!


And here’s my day 2. (Am I right to make a new list every day?)

Some super cute note cards made from masterboards in my fave colours :heart_eyes:

Thanks for these @geekgirl


I tried to theme each day, and had a cute note to go with them, but I even had to strip the notes out of the packages because they were blowing out the weight limit :roll_eyes: but I hope everything is pretty self explanatory.

The wax seal is because you send so much excellent happy mail, that colour wax because I know it’s your favourite colour. When it runs out, you can get more on AliExpress. And the alien abduction theme, just because!


This is a good question, I know that traditionally we’ve put everything in one post. But how do you guys feel about a new post for everything we open. The way this site tracks what we’ve seen, it makes more sense to me, because that way we won’t miss anything? @geekgirl what do you think? You’re the boss of this swap :wink:

Day 2 (I can put this into my day one post if the consensus is to keep it on one list)

Bees! I love bees. @Jemimah sent me a lovely beeswax candle and a beeswax tablet to wax sewing thread.-these smell amazing. A super cute bee bead and this really lovely book mark.


well. my handwriting IS pretty atrocious…but i dont think you opened number one, or maybe you didnt get a pic of it? did you find a horribly done papercraft type item? (i try, but maybe i shouldnt. ha. i always WANT to make awesome papery goodness, but my execution leaves a lot to be desired imo).

anyway…i opened #2 and its some fun treats that i may or may not wait to share with my kids when they get home from uni this weekend. (lets be honest, i might let them sniff the empty packages, if i can restrain myself)

loving all the fantastic presents so far!! but that artwork is def super special @Edel !!!


yep! we are posting individual posts for each day!


I have this problem too! Many of my words don’t contain i’s or t’s where they should and my scrawling action is faster than my formulation of the words so letters often merge into one another!

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:musical_note: On the second day of Christmas @Amfkinney sent to me…

:musical_note: two red plaid slippers

I love buffalo plaid! I got a pair of non-slip slipper socks that will keep my feet toasty warm on chilly nights :hearts:


Day 2, @storerboughtcreation sent to me…

2 wonderful washcloths!!!

Thank you!!



LOL the noisy one! The PO kept shaking the box

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I love it so much, and the teal wax is perfect! I’ve wanted a wax seal forever, but never had one before - thank you, my friend :sparkling_heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Lynx2Lancer for day one sent me these amazing gift card holders!!! I did open yesterday but after a full day I just couldn’t bring myself to get on another computer and post…sorry about that but here they are and photographed in much better lighting than would have occurred last night!


Day 2! @Rlynn knows me well!
Awesome TIE fighter ornament:


On the second day of Christmas @geekgirl gave to me :notes:

This super cute cat magnet set! I’m impressed by the amount of layering she achieved on such a small surface. And she wrapped them patterned tissue paper that I can reuse for mixed media :).

I need to rearrange stuff on my fridge but for now they live in what I’m calling the “Carlee section” :smiley: