12 Days of Christmas 2021 Gallery

I’m obsessed with the house ornaments on your tree, so cute!


Thank you, I made them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They have little pockets on the back to be an Advent calendar.


Here is my day two. A glass pink tree!


Oh good. I thought it was but I didn’t want to say that in case I was wrong. I’m glad I remembered correctly. :heart::heart::heart:

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Oooh, thanks for pointing that out! I searched again and was confused, but then found Present #1 under a “false bottom” sort of cardboard deal in the bottom of the box! Here’s the actual #1!

It’s three cute Pokémon magnets: Eevee, Flareon, and Nidoqueen! Thank you! :slight_smile: As you can see they’re already up on the fridge!

And then here’s Day #2, a really cute little knitted mouse!

Were you envisioning this for my tree or my kitty? XD


My day two is a cross stitch bowl that my daughter keeps trying to steal


Oohh I didn’t paint it, it is a print. I just mounted the canvas on a board and added glitter to the UFO beams.

@kittykill that angel is so sweet

@Rlynn how special that you were able to take @saintcady ’s fathers shirt and make something out of it for her. That’s so touching.

@jemimah i love the Dino on your tree! And that wax seal is so cool.

@Amfkinney thise plaid socks look so cozy. Did you monogram on the initials?

@storerboughtcreation nice washcloths. Homemade washcloths and dishclothes are the best.

Cute envelopes @Lynx2Lancer

@saintcady im loving the Star Wars theme

@photojenn you are cracking me up. A “carlee” section lol

@mel what a cute little mouse you made


Day 2 from @photojenn

A stack of mixed media art prompts on prints of Jenn’s own art. Jenn these are fabulous! The best art prompt deck I’ve ever come across. I love them! I’m going to put them in card sleeves so I don’t mess them up because as anyone on the art journal zooms know - I get paint everywhere!

So many! And some blank ones for me to add my own prompts.


These are lush!!!

Day 2 from @Renstar is this cute needle book.

That fabric is gorgeous.

I have needles everywhere. Hopefully this will help me contain the madness!


Sadly I can only take credit for printing the cards, I purchased them from A Work of Heart studio. I’ve been using them to make backgrounds and I love them!


The reason I thought they were your art because they reminded me of your book covers!


Ahhh same teacher, and we used the prompts to make the covers :slight_smile:

I’m flattered you thought I was capable of making something that awesome though :slight_smile:


I was a little worried it went against your likes, but I think something bright and easy to see, to find something so small and “hide ‘n’ seeky”

(Not sure if it’s just me that didn’t photo for themselves everything in order of the days they packaged, I really forgot what I’d done here!)

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It started getting colder in my apartment, so I slipped on my slipper socks. The white fluffy top also lines the inside. It’s so soft on my feet. :hearts: Thank you, @Amfkinney :blush:


I took pictures in order of finishing, not wrapping. But I did make a checklist of the opening order for myself

I have a sheet listing which items were for each day but I’m not sure if I actually took pictures of everything (which seems to happen every swap, I get so excited to mail that I forget to take pictures).

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I intended to do that but I ended up with two day 7 or 8’s so I had to add the mystery day label to one!! I was then panicking today that I’d forgotten to send something. It was fraught!

But it’s one of my favourite swaps if I get the time to put into it!!

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Today I got this sweet macaron monogrammed pouch holding an even sweeter tiny hoop turned charm turned necklace!

Thanks @Bugaboo