12 Days of Christmas 2022 Gallery

I really really lovely it, it’s totally my style

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day8(or maybe 9, I’ve lost track)

Chocolates!!! Good chocolate, yummy stuff


Day9 this great set of blank notecards. I never have enough of them and these are lovely.

day10 this beautiful little wall hanging, woven on a piece of driftwood I think. I love the wee stars


I actually picked the piece of wood up on a walk in the New Forest woodland, but it is so like driftwood, isn’t it?


It really is! I love the weathered texture. How did you do the weaving?

Day 11 this fabulous crocheted Dreamcatcher. I simply adore the colour combo in this, is really frosty and wintery.

We have a large wall built from reclaimed windows on the North side of our deck. It gives loads of shelter and I love how it looks. The windows are ones that came out of the house, when we replaced them with triple glazed ones. They provide the perfect frame for this Dreamcatcher.


I created a small loom out of cardboard, fixing the wood along the top and including it when I wrapped the warp threads. Not sure I would do it like that again, it was quite difficult to control :thinking: I think I would do the weaving first and then sew it onto the wood afterwards :smiley:

It looks perfect in that window :heart_eyes:

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I love your wall of windows. It’s so hot and sunny here in Texas that we would have to put curtains on them, LOL, but I’m bookmarking your photo. I would like to do it when we retire to a more accommodating climate.

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You guys!! Look at this @steiconi @geekgirl @photojenn @AIMR @Abbeeroad @Smmarrt @Cindy @jemimah And all the rest of the paper arts people.

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and it’s all mine :grin::grin:

Day 12

Miniature book case, made out of a famous five book (brilliant) the first thing I opened was this fabulous ivy plant

The spool of thread is for scale.

Then this. Loads of more parcels to open. Ack the excitement!!

And then amazing treasure after amazing treasure came out. Loads of books, all different all just fabulous.

A photoAlbum

Complete set of Harry potter

And you would think that was amazing by itself, but there’s more. A journal, with pages and dividers and a bound in envelope with more paper inside. I cannot emphasise how tiny these are.

And this amazing thing. A book in its own book box. I have a weakness for book boxes.

But then you open it and it’s a pop up book!! 12 pages of pop up flowers . At this point my husband who is working in the hall said “another oh my God?”

And it gets better!! This lovely fabric bound book

Which opens into a miniature miniature dolls House!!!

At this point I’m probably hyperventilating.

This wee basket with scrolls and tiny envelopes filled with more tiny papers

And at this stage you kinda think it couldn’t get more awesome. There were these super cute little boxes, one a Harry potter monopoly game. You can see them in the first picture on the shelf.

I opened one!!!

Filled with tiny papers.

Then I opened the monoply box. There is a full game inside!!!

The cards, are printed on both sides and the money, so tiny.

I’m terrified to sneeze right now, they are that small.

And I opened the third box, which is this size

To find a full deck of playing cards, with Jokers

I will have to put all the books on the shelves, but I want to play with them,

Ok I put them on the shelves

@seeuudee you have to give this is own post, it’s absolutely incredible. The detail is mind blowing. And I love it so so so so so much!!!

Thank you xxx


I wasn’t sure if you would be opening this today or tomorrow, but have been eagerly awaiting day 12 to arrive. I had SO MUCH FUN with this item and I had to force myself to stop adding new bits. Will definitely sort a post for it later :smiley:


Oh my gosh!! AMAZING!!! All that tiny detail! Totally blown away.

It absolutely needs its own post @seeuudee!!

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WOW! That is amazing!!

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Beautiful! The colors are just fabulous! Love what you did with the old windows…light and shelter plus great setting!

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You have outdone yourself with this last day! I was hyperventillating as I was reading @edel’s post! Her excitement and wonder was our excitement and wonder!

The details…that tiny journal with pages of tags and embellishments…and the pop-up…

I am in awe of this entire project!


the pop up book! the BOOKshelf! the dollhouse book!
all I can say is SQUEEEEEEE!


Holy Guacamole, @seeuudee. That is beyond epic. Truly outstanding! And lucky @Edel who gets to play with it.

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WOW, WOW, thanks for tagging me, my jaw ended up on the floor by the end of the post. You must have been so excited.

@seeuudee what a fantastic job you did on this bookcase full of tiny treasures. The monopoly blew me away the most but it’s all exceptional.

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Holy moly, that’s amazing @seeuudee!! What an absolutely wonderful gift!

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I suspect that you could aaaaalllll hear the clunk of my jaw hitting the floor! @seeuudee this goes so far beyond amazing that I’m pretty much stunned speechless!

I agree- NEEEEEEDS it’s own post!!!


@seeuudee that bookcase and all those miniatures are absolutely amazing! so many details. What a fantastic package!


Oh, hey there.

All you swapping swappers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?