Featured Craftalong: The Nerd Games

Get to Know the Nerd Games! Featured Craftalong - 1st Quarter 2020

Lettuce Craft might be a new site on the web, but parts of it have a long history. Craftalongs were always a popular activity on Craftster, and now in our new home, they are back in full force. The increased accessibility of LC’s platform means that it’s easier than ever to participate in these beloved -Alongs.

At its most basic, a Craftalong is a way for members to share their work, cheer each other on, and most of all to be inspired. They can be themed around a specific craft medium like the Stitch Along, which focuses on embroidery, or it could be themed around a certain goal, like the Destash-Along, which focuses on using up the myriad of craft supplies we all accumulate. Then there are craftalongs that focus on crafting, while being inspired by outside interests like pop culture or fandoms. Let’s take a closer look at the epic Nerd Games Craftalong.

Nerd Games Mascot: George aka Monkey.

Could you please introduce yourselves to us?
SBC: I’m @storerboughtcreation (aka: SBC). I am the Nerd Games Captain.

Smeddley: I’m @Smeddley, helper and prompt-producer.

How long has the Nerd Games been a Craftalong, and how long have you both worked on it?
SBC: The Nerd Games first began May 2013. It was started by pinkleo. I joined the Nerd Games in September of 2014 as a participant because @roler told me about the awesome crafting community and amazing craftalong she had become a part of. After two years as an active Nerd Games participant, I took over during the Summer 2016 season when Tanath stepped down as official tracker. I sort of took over as Captain August/September of 2019 with major help from @Smeddley, who offered to create the monthly prompts.The Winter 2020 season is my first official season as Captain, and I’m so excited it’s here in the Lettuce Craft community. It’s still the same awesome group of crafty friends. :heart:

Smeddley: I actually have been in the Nerd Games since the very first round! I’ve had various roles throughout, from just a participant to a Pinterest Pinner to the Nerdy News Newt to Prompter.

LC Cross Stitch designed & shared by SBC

Imagine I’ve never participated in a Craftalong before. Describe what yours is, and how it works for us.
SBC: Before I rave about how awesome the Games are, I want to point out that even with simplified rules, the rules can seem daunting. But they really aren’t. Truly! The Nerd Games is a craftalong that anyone within the Lettuce Craft community is welcome to join.

Every month, one Battle Royale and five prompts are posted. The Battle Royale is the only time sensitive prompt of each season; it must be completed during the month it was issued by 11:59 PM Central Time. The five monthly prompts can be turned in at any time during the season. We also have a few other crafting opportunities, such as Free Range, Big Time, and Zaps. Descriptions of these opportunities are under the very first post of each Nerd Games season.

We also highly encourage participants to post within the main Lettuce Craft community boards as well.

Smeddley: It can be daunting, but everyone there is so very helpful, we’ve all been there, brand new, not sure if you’re doing it right, and no one is going to be mean about it!

How does one go about joining the Nerd Games? And can you join anytime, or do you have to join at the start of a new round?
SBC: You can join in at any time! There are four seasons each year:
January - March: Winter Season
April - June: Spring Season
July - September: Summer Season
October - December: Fall Season

As for how to join/post:

  1. Craft something during the current season.
  2. Pick a prompt that you feel your project fits under. You can be quite literal or stretch the prompt description to fit your project.
  3. Choose one of the four teams that you feel is the best fit for you. This will be your team for the entire season. If you want to switch up which team you’re on, you can do so at the start of a new season.
  4. Copy the project header, fill out with the appropriate information, include a photo, and post.

It really is that simple!

Octopus hat I made by SBC for role, and shared in the Nerd Games.

What is your favorite aspect of the Games?
SBC: I love how motivating our members are. The prompts are a crafting inspiration, but the people are what make the Nerd Games so special. Everyone is always so helpful! And the talent… WOW! We get to see such a wide range of crafts in one space.

Smeddley: My favorite thing about the Nerd Games is definitely the supportive community! And the way the prompts challenge my creativity. The TWO best things about the Nerd Games is the community and the creativity… and the inspiration. Um, the THREE best things… :smiley:

What is your favorite moment or event that has occurred in the Games since you joined the Craftalong?
SBC: I love the summer events we do each year. The Games are just that much more during the summer season. Not only do we do something bigger, we usually have more participants that keep the board hopping with creativity.

Nerdly, the previous Nerd Games mascot, stitched up into a pillow by SCB for a prize the Nerd Games Raffle.

What is one thing you would like Lettuce Craft members who are not regular -alongers to know about your Craftalong?
SBC: The Nerd Games is a place to be inspired and have fun. We always welcome new members at any time. If you’ve been thinking of joining, please feel free to jump right in!

Smeddley: It’s not as intimidating as it might look, and it doesn’t matter if you contribute one project or cover all the prompts, you’ll be welcomed and I think you’ll find a lot of fun and inspiration! Also, I might just clarify that you don’t have to be a “Nerd” to join the craft-along. We’re all “nerdy” in that we craft (and we mean that lovingly, in a good way!), you don’t have to love math or sci-fi or be a gamer. :smile:

If folks have more questions about the Nerd Games, what should they do?
SBC: You can send myself or Smeddley a private message with your question, you can ask it in the Nerd Games thread, or over in the Discussion thread. We have many members that have participated for a long time, and they can also answer your question(s). If you submit a prompt and I have any questions for you, I will send you a PM to clarify any confusion.

Please consider joining us, and craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


Nice feature. Nerd on!!!


Yay! I hope more people join us! The games keep me motivated to keep crafting even when I’d normally be slacking ;p


I like when the prompts inspire me to make something I wouldn’t have thought of before - like swapping without the hard deadline and pressure of gifting the item.


Thank you for featuring our craftalong! :heart:

To anyone reading this… if you’ve been on the fence about joining, please jump in! :blush:


Yay! This is so fun! I love a good -along. What amazing projects have been inspired by the games. :nerd_face: :thread: :yarn:


This is awesome. I love the Games! The group we have is the best! I wouldn’t get half my projects done without the inspiration from the Games. I hope others join. It’s so much fun!!!


Thank you for posting this! It is so cool! I never really knew what this was about. I am so glad that it was featured.