2020 DeStash-Along

The faux stamps are really cool! What size are they? Nice that you didn’t have to cut into your elastic stash. :smiley:

Thanks! They vary quite a bit in size and those in that photo are on a self-healing mat with a 1" grid for reference. Most of the pics in their thread are taken on a self-healing mat, too!

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Look at you using easy gauges for size reference. I didn’t even pay attention to what was behind them! :laughing:

:upside_down_face: I don’t think most people expect a black/grey self-healing mat, either!

I will say that the dies cut some awkward sized stamps shapes. There is a perforated line just under the edge of most of those images so to cover it you need to be kind of exact and I end up cutting to 1/16th of an inch on some.

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TheMisterT asked for a repair or replacement of his water purifying pump and I was able to build a new one using all stash and parts from the original! WOO!



:star: September Themes :star:

Plaid! by Tina Marie, on Flickr

Color: Burgundy
Pattern: Plaid
For: Kids
Challenge: What’s your stash weakness - that particular crafty material that you can’t stop buying? Make something with it!


Wait. What. September?!?

Kidding aside, my internal calendar is all kinds of non-functioning now. Stupid covid. But I did actually start a stash buster for my kid so… lookee there, i’m on the (yarn) ball here anyway! Haha

ETA: I actually finished it!
(Not sure why we’re sideways, but that’s 2020 for ya…)


I realized I haven’t done my tallies since May. I’ve been doing a lot of crafting since then, so it’s a bit of a doozy.

This summer (June - August) I made

  • 9 surgical masks
  • 2 pouches
  • 91 doll dresses
  • 1 doll sweater

So I have used up

  • 4 yards + 6 inches of fabric
  • 3.5 yards of elastic
  • 9 yards of ribbon
  • 2 zippers
  • 1 button
    plus an unknown amount of yarn.

Almost everything except for a couple masks and a handful of doll dresses have gone on to other homes. I did buy 5 yards of muslin, but it is being quickly used up for linings. Next I’ll need to buy some thread… I have plenty of colors but I’m running out of neutrals.


My crafty weakness if fabric…I can’t seem to buy just a piece or two but the entire collection…I have a lot of “collections”…I have decided to start using up some of the fabrics I have saved for clothing…I don’t need clothes, but I like the construction process.

I have seen a lot of nice fun clothes online that I want to duplicate in a fashion…it is not about the money, just about the challenge. I am not a huge fan of plaid, but I do have a cute top that would like in a plaid…hope I have enough yardage.


I managed to use up a whole skein of bulky yarn today when I decided that I needed to make my brother a hat for his birthday being celebrated today. I don’t know if I’ve ever knit that fast before and I thank the gods the old and the new for whomever invented the bulky (6) yarns. haha! But I got it done, it fit him well, and he loved it so, there ya go.
image image


I just made 56 masks. These are some of the kid ones.

Since March, the total is approx 400…all from stash. I have ordered interfacing and elastic, but the fabric was stash. I do work full time, veggie garden, completely reconfigured the craft room, reorganized the basement, fostered several sets of kittens/cats, and joined several swaps. Whew. Staying home does give a person time! Time to fill up with projects.

All the masks has reduced my stash by way less than I would have thought. And highlighted my fabric hoarding ways. Everyone needs at least one bad trait, right?


Well, if you still have some of the castle fabric to get rid of, I might be able to help out with that! :wink:

(seriously, tho, super impressive!)

I agree, I can’t imagine 400 masks!

I used up some more stash chunky yarn today making a birthday crown for my little one to wear for her 2nd birthday next week. image


I’d share if I could. I purchased a layer cake of Robert Kauffman kid prints for a baby quilt. The castle was one of the 10" x 10" squares. I can get two kid masks out of one square, or one adult mask. Sorry, all used up. Please don’t cry. :smiley: Actually there were two of the castle with different color schemes and a set of those went to twin girls. I wish I had a picture!

The daycare these went too takes in kids from health care workers, and a certain percentage of lower-income kids, so masks are greatly needed. I lined the kid ones with flannel, backed by featherweight iron-on interfacing to give it some body and better droplet control. The kids love the flannel, it is so soft. I find it too hot right now, maybe in winter.

I’ve streamlined my production and can turn out at least 2 dz weekend, if I have time, sometimes more. Mindless work, but oddly satisfying.


I finished my b’day girl’s Oona the Puffin this morning at 1:03am- just in time!
The colors are slightly off and I dont love the eyes, but it was what could be done solely from stash. She immediately recognized her so it’s a success.


What a nice way to spend some time this morning, scrolling through y’all’s stash busting projects!

I had to google who Oona is, I think you captured her really well. Hope your birthday girl had a good day.

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Thank you!
I cant take credit for the design, that goes to Spin A Yarn crochet blogger/designer. Now that the birthday girl has gone to bed i’m about to do a proper post with links to the pattern.

She had a great day… I’m ready for bed, too!

:jack_o_lantern: October Themes :jack_o_lantern:

{image source: https://flic.kr/p/pLoWB4}

Color: Black
Pattern: Lace
For: Charity
Challenge: 10 is such a nice round number. Make something inspired by ten - using 10 things, something that uses 10 pieces of your stash, whatever works for you.


Not all are black and lace really doesn’t work for masks…substitute elastic. But here’s a pile of masks for local health care facilities. They currently are going to daycares (for hosp. workers), clinics, and a hospital. I keep making them as long as they want them. And they love them!