2021 DeStash-Along

That’s so beautiful!

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@AIMR I think I’ve been gravitating toward butterfly and moth imagery lately!

Another all stash paper project… YEY! A gift box.


Pretty, the box is a gift in itself.


Happy Birthday, @Trillian!!

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I went through most of my yarn stash and have given away a lot of it, including the novelty and art yarns…I decided to make a couple more washcloths with the cotton dishcloth yarn before giving it away…I have plenty of dishcloths and just got tired of the same old yarn…from now on, I will buy smaller amounts and not those big old balls that are always on sale!

I made loops for them to hang them by the sink.

I am also destashing my jewelry and beads…I made a few bracelets and realized how small a dent they made…


The loop is a good idea. I think I’ll steal that. :laughing:

I am waiting for yet another hobbii delivery- I went in needing a long circular needle then had to be a responsible adult and unclick all the beautiful yarns I was “collecting” in my cart as I went. lol (well, all but 2!)


I kind of started panicking when I realized that Mother’s Day was the 9th this year (in the US)! Both my mom’s 75th and our niece’s 16th birthdays were on Thursday and a dear friends is this next Thursday, so I was focused on getting all those things out! Not to mention TheMisterT’s birthday in a couple weeks. ANYWAY… luckily, I already had some earrings for her AND I had everything in stash to make this little pillow box and insert.



May Themes

Pom pom gift tags by Emily Orpin, on Flickr

Color: Purple
Pattern: Numbers and letters.
For: Teachers, educators, etc.
Challenge: Mass produce something. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make a lot of it. If nothing else, they make good “gifts on hand.”


I may just be about done with my Operation Use Up Yarn. My art teacher friend and I were working on building her end of year requisition for next school year, and she was going to purchase some more yarn for a weaving project. I thought she had enough yarn, so I never said anything to her about my stash. I mentioned it today and she said she’d love it! What I have left fits into a Walmart plastic bag. I’m going to show it to her tomorrow, and see how much she wants. This saves me from feeling like I need to make so many more things! I kept back just a few bits that I was working with and one that was hand dyed that I just can’t donate to elementary students, but otherwise, if she takes it all, it’s just about gone!


@Lynx2Lancer That’s wonderful news! It’s so nice to give away supplies when the receiver has a very specific project in mind - then you know they will get used instead of just languishing in someone else’s stash. I would also hold back the hand-dyed yarn if it was me. We love helping the kiddies and all, but they wouldn’t know how special it was.

I just gave away around 12 yards of fabric to a friend of a friend for their quilting guild’s charity projects. There was some neat stuff in there, but I finally admitted to myself that I work best with small cuts of fabric and find yardage intimidating. This was all stuff left over from my great-aunt’s stash, so not stuff I probably would have chosen for myself anyway.


Wow @Lynx2Lancer, that’s awesome! you’re an inspiration!

That’s so true @Trillian - it’s a wonderful feeling when you can rehome stash with someone who will use and appreciate it :grinning:

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I managed to get rid of a bunch of acrylic yarn last year because my Mum’s friend was crocheting a Granny blanket for my Bro. It was so nice to just pass them on to someone that needed them for a project.