2023 DeStash-Along

… actually I do have an old poster frame that could be big enough…

Any thoughts on whether regular old tissue would work? I learned with using a lightweight japanese paper, which of course I don’t have.

(This method, for reference: Making Bookcloth • Handmade Books and Journals)


A couple more mostly-stash projects done! First is this backdrop for TheMisterT’s upcoming birthday party! I did buy the utility canvas yardage for this, but used every bit of it just for this! All paints, etc. were materials I had on hand.

Then I made some sandbag weights for the stand it’s hanging on. That is all stash - fabric, thread, and “tube sand”!



Was laughing to myself about this last night as I put away the knit wrap dress pattern pieces, untraced. :wink:


I had two tiny scraps of mull left in my stash and that was just enough for my current project. I knew there was a reason I’d been hanging on to them for 5+ years!



The fabric, cords, fastener hardware, thread, and HTV all from stash! WOO!

Part of a grad gift for our niece - envelope in school colors for gift card to the Uni bookstore for her to use this fall to get “geared up” in new logo/mascot gear!


So many denim projects!

I am going to start on my denim stash this summer!


That is so funny, I’m doing the same! I just started in on my old jeans and cut them all apart to reassemble as some sort of patchworky kimono style jacket. I’m not sure if it’ll turn out so it’s either that, or they’ll become bags in the end.


So I took some yarn to destash to my bookclub. I am very fortunate that many of my friends there are also fellow yarnie-heads.

Here’s the bag of yarns (and a couple of extra supplies) to find a new home

And…um…here’s what I came back home with

I think I’m doing this destash thing wrong. Buttttt, now I really have no reason to shop and can work through this new stash happily :slight_smile: Also the yarns that everyone brought fully covered 2 large tables and extra bins on the floor, so really my restraint should be applauded.

Quite a bit of Noro in there, which I’m looking forward to working with for the first time.


I didn’t know that the yarn group I joined also does this…I didn’t take any of my yarn stash but I came home with a skein of sock yarn…

There is also a woman in our group who takes all the little leftovers for someone who does incredible weavings! Another woman knits blankets for veterans using all sorts of mixed yarns…I am hoping to leave more yarn than what I take, but looking at your experience…maybe not! ha ha

Plus, most of the women are a lot older than me and just want their stash to go to good homes, so there are some very wonderful yarns in the pile…I didn’t even take anything…one of the women just about put the skein in my bag with much insistence!


It’s definitely a treat to be able to “shop” amongst friends who all just want to see their unloved yarns find new homes.

One of the ladies in my group volunteered to take the rest of the unclaimed yarn (there was healthy amount of novelty yarns and acrylics - eyelash yarn anyone?) to be donated to local orgs that do charity knitting, or will otherwise make use of them. We were all so grateful.


Looks like a good trade!

I’ve got to ask, tho, what was that bright green thing on the spool?

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Destashing yarn hat…to be donated to a middle school project…


Its known as stitch keeper cords or “Barber cords” (not sure why Barber). You attach it to the end of your knitting needle and can transfer live stitches from there to the cord so you can try on whatever you’re making, or just keep the stitches contained as you continue to work on your project. The beauty of it is that because it connects to your needle easily, sliding the stitches is so quick and easy compared to threading a darning needle with some waste yarn. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

I have looked online and you can buy a small tin for around $10+ but can get a whole spool of it on Amazon for the same price. If you’d like to try it, I’m happy to mail you some length as I still have a lot leftover haha. I shared some with friends yesterday.


That is so awesome!!!

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Wow, that’s such cool stuff! I was wondering how you tried a knit sweater on mid-way without dropping stitches. Crochet is easy, just one loop!

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Yeah I miss that convenience for sure. At least I’ve moved past being terrified at dropping stitches.


Oh that’s cool!!

And, that’s a lovely lot of Noro. I’m a big fan, some of my absolute favourite finished items are Noro, although I know some people don’t like working with it. I hope you really enjoy trying it!


I do not need more yarn
I do not need more yarn
I have a coupon for more yarn
I do not need more yarn


We’ll still love you.

(Don’t look at my yarn purchases from last month…)


I’m destashing bitty scrappy bits into teacher gifts & items to donate to the charity bazaar.
These projects barely make a dent but I have a pretty big recipient list for coaster sets & Rob’s asked me for those, tote bags & zipper pouches for his yoga therapy class mates so that should use up at least some, right? And our friend is expecting, she gets another little quilt. I think I’ll try wonky triangles, she loves colour & that takes very little precision so I won’t suffer too much through it :laughing: