Coaster & trivet sets, using up the scrappiest bits

A set of 4 coasters & 2 trivets for donation, a singleton for my mama. Self-bound with the backing fabric.

Wonky log cabin blocks were one of the monthly quilt-along challenges, I figured I should try to make some.

It was fun! I have a few more to finish.


These are fun!


Really charming! What a great donation!

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Pretty, you have a great eye for colour

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Iโ€™m so glad you said that! Iโ€™ve been looking at them not quite sure I like them very much. The backing/trim fabricsโ€ฆ I think Iโ€™d have prefered black but they do match the overall random scrappiness soโ€ฆ

Super cute! I love that red-ovals-on-a-string fabric.

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Such gorgeous scrappiness!

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You find the most fun ways to use up little scraps! These are really cute.

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