2024 DeStash Along

Awesome! I hope to see pics!


I emptied 2 tubes today! Only ??? more to go!


That’s really cool! Here’s hoping she really enjoys it! I have so many delica beads that I just can’t part with even though they’ve been sitting there for years and I haven’t done anything with them. I don’t even wear jewelry anymore :woman_facepalming:


I wear a classic pair of silver earrings most of the time, but I also wear handmade jewelry made by the people here on LC. Much better than the stuff I made!

I did save some beads and things to embellish the things I do love to make: prayer flags, TM patches, etc.

I did the same thing with my scrapbooking supplies…I had so many scissors, stamps, cut outs, paper…a nice college student who was just getting into scrapbooking her college life came and picked up everything!

Working on my fabrics next…this will be hard.


My sister (who sews and even made her first wedding dress) mocks me about my hesitation/awe. “Ohhh, yeahhh, I forgot, you have to MAKE your fabric out of a string before you can sew it together.”

She’s not wrong, but I could do without that tone, missy. lol


That’s the only way I can do it too! So annoying.

@AIMR Amazing generosity! Love that you’re fostering baby crafters and they might not even know it!


I was going back and forth with a lady from a buy-nothing group for a while. She wanted to pick up some of the things I had listed (and no one else seemed to be interested in) but first she was ill and then I was on vacation and then she was busy. She didn’t literally ask me to bring the things to her but she kind of implied it.

Suddenly today I got a message she’s no longer interested because she doesn’t own a car and doesn’t think picking up this one thing is worth renting a car for. Which is true, I suppose, but didn’t she know that all along? Also, she doesn’t actually live that far away from me, and this is a very walkable and bike-able city, the weather is really lovely this weekend. The things I listed are diamond painting supplies that aren’t heavy and would easily fit in a bag.


I hear you…same thing is happening to me…I don’t have time to drive the stuff I am trying to give away free to each person! I am now just taking everything to the thrift stores.


Ugh, we have some things to get rid of that are a bit valuable & I am dreading the inevitable bs that comes along with selling. I would seriously rather just put it out on the street. Not fun. I’m literally tripping over the piles of stuff that need to go though. & Robert’s miffed at me for this cycle of binge/purge. He’d rather go hiking all weekend, I’m horning in on his recharging time with this endless, unnecessary work. I feel bad about it. It’s time for change :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I know the feeling, Mr. Imma is not happy with me today! I know it’s really annoying that I want him to help me doing stuff, while he feels like recharging (both of us need that, honestly) but the house is a chaos so we can’t recharge properly until that’s sorted. He’s away quite often for work, so that means when he’s home on a weekend day there’s usually a ton of to-do’s waiting for him. I know it’s not fun but it needs to be done.


Well, Rob is off hiking today, all day, I’m using this time to do as much as possible myself. It’s very nice outside but this mess inside is mostly all my fault so…


Did he take the dog? Then open some windows, turn up the tunes and dance your way to less clutter! :dancer:t2::man_dancing:t2:


He’s guiding a hike & she’s still acting beastly so no. All the kids are here too. I’m making them help, lol.


For my goals, I did okay and hope to do even better next quarter! :slight_smile:

  • use more supplies than I bring in - Probably didn’t succeed for this one. I needed more stuffing, so I bought a big bag of it, and I joined my local yarnworkers group & they keep sending me home with more yarn. :laughing:
  • use the good stuff - I wound some of my good yarn so I can use it!
  • finish WIPs - Finished a few, started more.
  • make the projects that I bought supplies for & never started - I finished a project from this pile!


finished projects:

Happypotamus III (the reason I needed more stuffing):

Blanket squares (already out of the house!):

Fish hats:

Some paper projects, ATCs & bookmarks:

Cat cloak out of fleece blanket pieces:


Well done!!!


Fantastic! Those blanket squares are amazing!!


The hippo is SO CUTE!

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Project dump from the last 2 months, all from stash:

I had a bunch of single skeins of worsted yarn.

Gift bags with odds and ends

House slippers and a dupe musselburgh hat

Dog sweater for my pup! Still have more of that yarn… :upside_down_face:

Fun mitts for a sweet pair of girls :heart:


Great work!

Ooo…I love the Izzy sweater! Hope to see an action shot, maybe?

I sure do love your fingerless mitts!! :wink: :wink: