4 x 6 Art Swap Round 7 Gallery

Show us your fabulous postcard-sized art here!

artwork by @Smmarrt


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@Lynx :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @tendstowardschaos :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Lynx :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @Cindy :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Lynx :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @jemimah :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@tendstowardschaos :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @geekgirl :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@tendstowardschaos :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @Kwality570 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Cindy :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @pioneer9 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Cindy :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @geekgirl :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@geekgirl :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @Smmarrt :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@megwell :paintbrush: :art: :art: :framed_picture: - @jemimah :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@megwell :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @Smmarrt :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Kwality570 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @pioneer9 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Kwality570 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @curiousfae :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@Smmarrt :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @curiousfae :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:
@pioneer9 :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture: - @curiousfae :paintbrush: :art: :framed_picture:


So excited to see this filled up with beautiful art!

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I received two pieces of art today!

First up is this cute, psychedelic lizard from @Lynx:

And @Kwality570 sent me a beautiful abstract landscape that reminds me very much of late-19th century Western American art:

Thank you both for the artwork! Iโ€™m looking forward to getting some art up on the walls of my new space and am so happy to be able to include some made by friends.


Iโ€™m happy to be Canadian but Iโ€™m sure jealous how fast the USPS delivers mail within the US.


To be fair, @Kwality570 lives 18 miles away from me. :joy: Itโ€™s hard to stretch that trip out much past 48 hours, even for the post office.


Great start so far!
Lynx, that lizard is great. I love the colors you chose and the psychedelic background.

Kwality- great landscape. The colors are so beautiful. And the textures really bring it to life.

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I have one from @Kwality570 too!

As I said before, the textures and colors you created are so expressive. Really reminds me of something you would see in a gallery.

Thank you!


Thank you. Iโ€™ve been practicing hand-drawing (not string in that) and also op art (but with color) to help my skills and to be better at teaching my students.

Op art is much harder to do when you do it with a subject already drawn. Lol

Great start to the gallery!

That lizard is excellent @Lynx, and the colours and background have so much zing!

Beautiful landscapes @Kwality570, I love the painterly depth and texture in them!


Received two lovely pieces in todayโ€™s mail.

First, from @curiousfae โ€“ I love the intricate background and the overall composition!

From @Kwality570 โ€“ a wonderful abstract landscape! I want to hear about her technique.

Thank you both!


I love the colors in the sky! Especially the streaks of pink.

Those are both so pretty!

I received some really amazing 4x6 artworks in the mail yesterday!

First, this gorgeous landscape from @tendstowardschaos. The depth and layering on this thing are phenomenal. What a beautiful piece!

She sent it in this super cool card she had made that says, โ€œall the days of my life I dream of stars that glitterโ€ So perfect for the artwork!

From @pioneer9 This ADORABLE โ€œburied secretsโ€ piece. Look at that little squirrel guy! Ha! I love it! The layering is superb.

And look at this moth! Seriously! Look at it! It looks so fuzzy!!! Itโ€™s from @curiousfae. The green is a bit sparkly, but it was difficult to photograph. I even tried to take the photo outside, but it didnโ€™t work. So youโ€™ll just have to imagine this luna moth in its glory!

Thank you so much for the cards and thank you so very much to @jemimah for hosting this round.


I received a gorgeous card from @tendstowardschaos, too.

Iโ€™Ve been admiring her work, and now I have one! So excited!

(She also sent it in a fun handmade card.)


Wow, thereโ€™s some fantastic artwork on here, can hardly wait for some to arrive in my mailbox.

Recd this beautiful collage from @pioneer9
I love all the vintage stamps! And the gorgeous gals and thoughtful sentiments are perfect. Such beautiful details. You must have a fabulous ephemera collection.


The galaxy pieces are the bomb! Itโ€™s not easy to get them to look so ethereal- you nailed it!


Thank you!

Your moth is gorgeous! Theyโ€™re magical looking.

Yโ€™all are giving me some serious swap anxiety! As is this beauty I received from @Smmarrt today:

A partial shot of the painted envelope it came in:

Thanks so much, Susan!


Mine arrived from @Smmarrt as well!

I love the use of stitching and the map. This piece feels very artsy and cool. The typed out sentiment is beautiful

and adds another really great detail to this awesome piece.
Thank you!