Complete - 4 x 6 Art Swap - Round 7 - Sign up by 3 July, Send out 10 July 2023

:sparkles: :art: :pencil2: :crayon: :sparkles: It’s 4 x 6 ART time again!!! Let’s get arty! :sparkles: :art: :pencil2: :crayon::sparkles:


art by Kwality570


  • Swap name: 4 x 6 Art Swap - R7
  • Lettuce Crafter who is organizing this swap: jemimah
  • Sign-up date range (also crafting period): 12 June 2023 - 3 July 2023
  • Date to send item - on or before 10 July 2023
  • Limited to a certain number of people? No
  • Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No
  • Age requirement? 16


  • Must be a member of Lettuce Craft for at least 30 days
  • Must have posted at least 15 times on Lettuce Craft
  • Must have read the Lettuce Craft Swap Rules
  • New swappers can only be in one swap at a time
  • Previous swappers can only be in five swaps at a time
  • Participant is at least 16 years old


For this swap, you will be required to make a piece of art that is 4" x 6" in any medium and in any style that you choose. This is for swappers of all abilities, but your artwork should be made with your best effort and should take at least 1 hour to create (not including drying or machine run times). The crafting period and signup period for this swap are the same - 12 June - 3 July 2023. Since you will not receive your partner’s information until after the crafting period has ended, this will be a great time for you to let your imagination run wild! Partner information will be sent to each participant on 3 July 2023. You will have until the end of the day on 10 July 2023 to get your artwork into the mail. Since this is a paper swap, you must be willing to ship Internationally. Tracking information for your envelope is not required, but if your artwork is lost in transit, you must agree to resend.

As long as your art measures 4" x 6", you can use any materials you like - paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric, plywood, unicorn hide … but you may have to ship internationally, so if cost is a factor, keep it light and flat and you can mail it as a letter. The minimum costs for this swap are intentionally low; you can make something on a piece of paper, and mail it with an envelope and a stamp.

To participate, once your 4x6 artwork is complete, send a private message to organizer @jemimah with the following information:

Name of Swap: 4 x 6 Art Swap R7
Lettuce Craft Username:
Email Address:
Your Real Name:
Mailing Address Including Country:
Confirm that are at least 16 years old:
How many partners do you want? 1, 2, or 3:
Do you understand that if your art is lost in transit, you will need to resend?
Do you understand that this swap is open to international swappers?
Is your 4x6 art complete and ready to ship?

To make sure that everyone is ready at the time of addresses, only send this questionnaire once your artwork is complete!


@Lynx - 3 partners
@tendstowardschaos - 3 partners
@Cindy - 3 partners
@geekgirl - 3 partners
@megwell - 2 partners
@Kwality570 - 3 partners
@Smmarrt - 3 partners
@pioneer9 - 3 partners
@curiousfae - 3 partners
@jemimah - 2 partners


@Lynx - @tendstowardschaos
@Lynx - @Cindy
@Lynx - @jemimah
@tendstowardschaos - @geekgirl
@tendstowardschaos - @Kwality570
@Cindy - @pioneer9
@Cindy - @geekgirl
@geekgirl - @Smmarrt
@megwell - @jemimah
@megwell - @Smmarrt
@Kwality570 - @pioneer9
@Kwality570 - @curiousfae
@Smmarrt - @curiousfae
@pioneer9 - @curiousfae


Oh bummer, I recently used my last unicorn hide, guess I’ll have to find something different :rofl:


And if there are people reading this who haven’t joined in a LC swap before, or haven’t joined the 4 x 6 art swap before, and feel a bit nervous, here’s some more info…

Everyone is welcome in this swap :grinning: (just the general swap rules apply). Every piece of art is loved and appreciated here, whether this is the first time you’ve picked up a pencil or a brush, or you’ve been doing art for years.

The costs are very low - you can simply make something with paper and pens or pencils. It’s more important that you’ve put your best creative effort into your piece. This swap is all about enjoying our art and sharing our work.

So if you’re unsure, please don’t feel anxious about joining in, or about whether your art is “good enough” - this swap is all about sharing that creative joy, and we would love for you to share your art here :rainbow: :sparkles: :art:


I got a bunch of international stamps the last time I sent to the Post Office AND I have been in a drawing mood. :blush: I will have to work on this!


Going to try to squeeze in some art time for this soon! I haven’t touched my paints in so long!


I have my watercolor paper cut and ready to go! Just have to make sure the kids are good and distracted so I can paint uninterrupted.


I didn’t get a chance to start any, but I hope to this week. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on the ATCs that I claimed which has inspired me for some new artwork!


This is perfect! I’ve been wondering when this swap would happen again.


I’m going to scrappy appliqué one this round.


I just received some new-to-me papers in the Paper Swap so there are several ideas floating around. On the other hand, a scrappy fabric something or a paper and fabric something are appealing also. Hmmmmm…


Yay! It’s so nice doing art for this swap, I always feel inspired by my lettucy friends!

Remember, you can have up to three partners for this swap, so why not try All The Ideas? :smile_cat:

(I can’t believe Cindy used up all her unicorn hide on other projects already - she must be taking Use The Good Stuff too seriously …)


I’ll have to see what I can scrounge up in my craft room/work room/pit of despair. At least I’m on vacation so my work stuff will not get in the way that much. My stuff-stuff might…

I keep buying pretty international stamps, but by the time I’m going to use them postage has gone up and I need to by extra stamps :sweat_smile: I could just use two of the regular stamps since they don’t have a value printed on them and are good even if the price goes up. But then they issue craft themed international stamps and… shiny!


Ooh, perfect timing for me with school ending Friday… lots of arty time incoming!


I have a subject and a process that I’m excited about. I now have 2 pieces made. Now, to see if I can come up with a 3rd…or more…for choices!


I started on my pieces today!


I’ve been trying out a few different ideas, but they got snatched up for cards.

But, I just got more colors, and I’ll be diving into those as soon as I decompress from today’s festivities.


Woohoo, we’re getting into it! I’ve got a few options cut to size and some first layers/backgrounds done, I’m excited to see what emerges.


I can’t forget to sign up!

Edit: Sent in my sign up!


So, I had one idea that I was super excited about, then started with another idea before I signed up yesterday. Now, I am working really hard to ____ so I will have ___ pieces to choose from.

Don’t worry; I already have at least 3 pieces made, so this is really just for fun now! Extra pieces might end up in STS. :slight_smile:


We have our first sign up! How’s everyone else getting on? I have made a start on two different pieces, but I have too many ideas in my head, and not quite sure how to tackle them yet. I’ll just need to keep experimenting …