4x6 Art Swap - R6 Gallery

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Show off your beautiful new art here!


I got mine!
The amazingly talented @Tapestry sent me this beautiful peice.

Look at this amazing fox! I am in awe. So stunning. I love watercolor so i am so happy i got some.
Thank you so much!


That is so cute! I love it so much!

That’s gorgeous @Tapestry! I love the expression on his face! What a wonderful start to the gallery :art:

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So sweet!!!

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Thanks all!

I’m so glad he arrived safe and you like the piece, Gozer! Watercolor is always so fun to make.

All three pieces I made feature a hint of gold. It’s the one thing that ties them together. Sadly, gold never quite translates in photos.


That fox is adorable!

I got my piece from @Tapestry also!
I love it. So much texture! And the background text. Beautiful colors. Thank you so much!

Did you glaze it?

It’s rainy here so the lighting isn’t the best.

at an angle trying to show the texture


@Tapestry another piece that you knocked out of the park!!! Gorgeous!!!

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That one started with art board, then I used modeling paste to add texture. Some paint, then a layer of tissue paper to dull the paint and add more texture. I modpodged some paper bits in between layers of tissue paper. Then a couple coats of gel glaze, a lovely chunky french script stamp I have, and some dabs of gold paint.

The main image is a tape transfer for a hint of transparency which I then backed with swirling gold scrapbook paper and mounted with foam to give some dimensionality off the background. I love the overall effect. I got to play with so many techniques!


I received this lovely piece from @geekgirl ! Peeking out from underneath it is the lovely card she sent it in. The text says “How much better would life be if a liar’s pants really did catch on fire?”

Thank you!


From @geekgirl
Beautifully collaged and fantastically snarky! I love all the details and colors. Your art always inspires me to do more art journal pages.

Thank you Carlee!


Wow, I love these mixed media pieces!

@Tapestry that is so pretty, and the variations and subtle depth in the surface are gorgeous!

@geekgirl fantastic layering and detail in both of these pieces, they are brilliant! and the sayings are perfect :laughing:


The butterfly lady is gorgeous!

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Thank you!

I recieved this gorgeous piece today from @Kwality570! I adore it!


Here is my gorgeous watercolor and ink piece from @curiousfae

And the awesome card she made


Love it!

I received from @megwell

The colours are perfect for me and I like the bulb too. It’s so nice to not be the last one receiving, which seems to happen lots being in Canada.


I’m so glad you like it! And that it arrived without incident…