4x6 Swap Round 5 - Gallery

What media did you use for that piece? The colors are so vibrant and deep. I love it!

I also love that ‘woven’ piece from @AuFish . Such a cool and clever idea! It’s inspired me to make something like it. Thank you!

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@Abbeeroad Your pieces are so exuberant!

@geekgirl Each piece you’ve made tells a story!

@gozer Such a velvety bee :honeybee: on such delicate petals!

@megwell Love how relaxed it feels.

@Lynx2Lancer Great use of stacked shapes

@pioneer9 Like everyone else, I can’t get over the winking deer.

@Kwality570 Random street view is such an interesting concept. They look great

@curiousfae Your waves and flowers have such a nice organic flow!

@bluebird The misty forest is just perfect. Chef’s kiss

@Cindy Wonderfully popping color and textures in the loose weave!

Thanks for the wonderful comments. The weave is leftover gift ribbon that together reminds me of a heat haze.

Every time I tried to respond, more awesome art had appeared and I’ve needed each piece of beauty lately.


WOW! This is a really impressive and inspirational gallery! I hope all the artists will consider making a topic for their creations! These deserve to not be “buried” in the galleries!


These were a very early foray into watercolor for me. I used it pretty thickly, so it looks a little more like gouache, but I’m learning! I need to do some more of these because they really are a good way to practice. :slight_smile:


Those are Tim Holtz chat stickers I got on clearance. I also will type up my own and print out.

Ah! I was wondering how you got the white on black without embossing. They look great. I’ll have to look out for them. The typewriter font is the best!

I was thinking the same thing! same background also, @Cindy & @curiousfae – both are lovely!

@Kwality570 , this is so pretty…is there any type of craft you DON’T do? I’m in awe of your multi talents!! :heart:

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I received a sweet bird and a bookmark from the always lovely @jemimah!

Thank you!


@jemimah The colors and texture on that house are super! What technique is that?

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@jemimah such a sweet piece. love that border.

Everybody’s art is so amazing, I love this gallery! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment much, lots going on.

I have received two wonderful pieces in the mail today :sparkling_heart:

@megwell sent me one of her hilariously original collage pieces, it’s fab!! (and there was a cool stowaway too :smile:)

@bluebird sent me an exquisite watercolour of cotton flowers, simply lovely!!

I love them both, thank you so much! I have a lot of upheaval going on right now, and it was such a delight to get some beautiful treasures from my lettuce friends :sparkling_heart:


It’s just wet in wet watercolour, then outlines and details in black and white pen. Thanks!


Sorry to hear life is rough, hope things improve soon.


Thanks @Cindy :heart: it’s nothing too terrible, just lots of upheaval and stress at our jobs, which means that we are having to move very soon.


The 4x6 gallery is always one of my favorites! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the different art techniques, textures, and styles. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Abbeeroad, @gozer, @AuFish! :blush:

@geekgirl and @jemimah — You’re welcome! And @jemimah, I hope things settle down soon for you. :slight_smile:


I so love the bonus bookmark and stowaway probably because they weren’t expected

Beautiful job on the cotton bolls @bluebird


Thank you :blush:

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I received a beautiful watercolor and bookmark from @jemimah! They’re lovely, thank you! :blush:


@jemimah , where do you get your quotes?
This one is perfect :star_struck:

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I received a cute birdie piece today from @jemimah … and a bookmark