50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

Lol…in my mind, stash implies something I should reduce and use instead of collect…and yet, how are they tools if I don’t use them up?..it is a totally irrational logic…I just like little notebooks, which I guess is akin to a sort of fetish, but a harmless one, I suppose

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I love journals and notebooks and sketchbooks too, I’m trying to find better ways of using them that work for me.

@Trillian your journal is really inspiring - have you made a separate post for it yet?


@jemimah um, no. Not yet at any rate . I should probably take a few more pictures first.

Project #2 from back in January, a rather slouchy doll sweater (that was not intended to be slouchy but there you go.)


Beautiful! I can see using up all those little balls of sock yarn to make this! Do you use a particular pattern? Miniature knits are just fun and adorable!

That sweater is mind-bogglingly wee for the detail and intricacy!

I second this! Make a post for the journal (you can add more photos later) AND this sweater! Then enter them in the Peek Behind the Curtains Challenge by April 19! We’re having a drawing for a $20 Amazon card! You can enter up to 3 projects each of which gets one entry in the drawing.


:alarm_clock: :fly: :fly: :fly: TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE MAKING THINGS :yarn: :scroll: :sewing_needle: :art: :birthday:

We’ve just over a day and a half until the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge closes! I just know some of you have tracked some projects earlier this year that you have not given their own topic. Please share with us before Midnight on April 19 2023, US Pacific Time.


I finished a purple scarf for one of my co-workers. I try to do one each year as I know she wears them to death in the cold weather they have in PA,


Ooo that is very pretty. Is the yarn naturally ombre?

It is, sort of…it was how the yarn was joined that bothered me…if they had followed the ombre, it would have been fine…but as it was, there were often two rows of random light color in the middle of the darker colors, so the flow was off…I just did a lot of magic knot joining to make the colors blend better.

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It’s just a single coaster but I’m counting it as done, I only need one on my desk anyhow.


2 more finishes today, I love the weekend!


Fabulous projects!

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I like the stripey rim you sewed on the lip of the second basket.

I’m going a little cray-cray, friends. Generally speaking, I get to do at least a little crafting (or planning for crafting) most days, but I have been biz-ee with spring cleaning and preparing to host my mom and her boyfriend this weekend as well as have a house/dog-sitter for 10 days in June. Not to mention that our well pump decided not to work after a power outage a week and a half ago and my dryer stopped working about that time, too! Also all the time it takes to deal with medical bills following a kidney stone situation in March. I’m not saying that the deep clean and tidying isn’t satisfying and pleasing in it’s own way, but… yeah. I see my little list in my post about the projects I want/need to do in the next few weeks an would much rather do those than catch up on laundry and attack the cobwebs in the corners.

That’s all. I just needed to vent a little to people I figured would understand.


Understand 100%


Could you scramble up a cross stitch to give a few bedtime minutes to? I crocheted that giant olive for 2 years! It was good to just have it to hand, even when I got too busy to do any stitching at all. At least I could have, if I wanted to, and that made all the difference.

Tonight I tested my figuring out ability to make a little bubble basket.

I used up some double-sided fusible foam. It keeps the rounded shape even with a bit of weight in it.


I hate it when unforseen things upset my crafting schedule. I hope you at least feel that you are ready for visitors in a tidy house…one less stress off your very full plate!

I am in a slump…and when I am, I have to do something obsessive…so I crocheted the same pouch pattern four times…and now I am done with crochet and feel like I can move one to other things I really want to do. It helps to have a swap deadline as well…


Oh that’s hard! I know it has a real impact on my mood if I don’t manage to fit in at least a little creative project most weeks. It was a real challenge when we were moving to Oz. I hope your schedule eases up soon!!

@Magpie LOVE your bubble basket! Eep!

Thanks for the commiseration, everyone! It will only be through the weekend, so I am sure I will make it, I’ll just be a little antsy for the remaining time. On Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, I will hit the ground running-with-scissors! I have at least 4 not-small projects to do by the end of May!


That bubble basket is super cool and clever! I took a closer look - did you shape it with little darts rather than gathering?