50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

I finished three little projects today! But I only added two to my list, because one is for a swap. This brings me to 15 (14 listed)! WOO!


Three pumpkin bears have grown now out of Operation Use Up Yarn!


How Fun!

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I’ve added a bunch more projects to my list :slight_smile:

If I can finish one more this month I’ll ‘beat’ last month’s number of projects, and considering how much I have worked in feb I’m really happy with that :call_me_hand:t2:


You sure have been a busy bee! So many of your projects were pretty large as well! I love seeing all of the sewing projects the most…sewing will always be my first love so it is nice to see others with the same passion!

The bunting are so cute and a wonderful way to use up smaller pieces.

Hope you are having fun and enjoying the process…I know you will be busy again in March with the swaps! Look forward to seeing more, Lauren!


I made my own crochet basket!



I clicked through to your list:

  1. did you make a topic for your buntings? Please do!
  2. I copied your format of dividing your FPs into months. FUN!

I have some swap projects that will be going into Feb, but not for a few weeks, so that ought to complicate things a bit! Maybe I’ll put some placeholders in there…


I will definitely make a post for the buntings :slight_smile: x

I have also put a place holder with the project number and date for the first swap item I’ve finished this month, just no title/picture until it’s received :wink:


It is really terrible having to wait for you to post your projects until your swap partners receive! Mail is so slow…I miss seeing the things you made and was so glad to see your bright bunting appear and the pillows! Hurry up mail! Hurry!!!


I haven’t finished any whole swap packages yet, although I do have a lot to do!

I feel like I’ve really slowed down this month, which is a bummer - some of my projects were WIPs, but that still counts for the way that I’m keeping track anyway :slight_smile:

I work 6 days a week, so I feel like my only ‘crafting’ day is Sunday, but in saying that, I should be doing housework and spending time with my partner :see_no_evil:

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love the crochet basket!

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I just added my 30th project (although a few slots are placeholders for swap items) and 14 of those are part of my Operation Use Up Yarn project!



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14 yarn projects? WOW! You are something else…congrats for destashing …but do take care…I did a marathon knitting thing a few years back and strained my shoulder…took three years to get back to normal…with therapy…I have to take breaks now a lot more, but I get the obsession!


Yeah, I’ve just been trying so hard to get this thing going and keep my momentum! But, Mr. Lynx reminded me that I used to have pain years ago when I crocheted all the time, so I am going to take a break --which is fine – because I have swap packages to work on! Plus, it’s almost March and time to think about the new stitchalong theme!

3 years! Wow! That’s a long time! I am hoping to feel better in 3 weeks!


I made these for a special, selfless lady who never thinks of herself. :heart:


My collection of old children’s book pages is dwindling but I luckily had a few bits of fire themed ones left. I glued them to stiff paper then wound it all around an old tin can. Lid got new paper, paint, yarn, and ‘handle’ consisting of my brother’s 1960s CrackerJack toy.
Since I do not own a fire extinguisher, I figured it was high time I had a stash of baking soda next to the stove like when I was a kid.


I crocheted a heart coaster and some slippers for my DH for Valentine’s Day.

These bowls were just to use up a ball of super bulky yarn that was in my stash. I kept one to catch my scraps and threads while I sew/crochet and gave the other to my DS, who said it was pretty.


Now that is a nice crochet heart! Very symmetrical in shape.

I am glad to see the bowl/basket trend is continuing…those are indeed very pretty and a good use of bulky run as many of us can attest! The second one is so cute and the colors are gorgeous! Perfect for a scrap catcher!


@GabeTheQuacker I LOVE Richard Scarry illustrations and usually try to find them at any thrift store, yard sale, etc. for potential craft projects, so it’s so neat to see what you’ve done with some!

@Lynx Good for you for taking a break from your crochet before you desperately need one.

I’ve been working mostly on my package for the IYP Swap and have made at least 3 things, but can’t post 'em yet! It really doesn’t feel like a craft is quite complete until I have posted it.