50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Back again after falling off the face of the earth for a bit, and with about 6 months worth of projects to catch up on. I guess I should dive in, then.

  1. Three Orange Floral Dresses in various sizes

(and that finishes up March. I did say I was behind, right?)

  1. Batch o’ 6 inch doll dresses

  2. Dress for 24inch doll

  3. Batch of 6 inch doll dresses (with some repeats from earlier because why not?)


I have missed seeing you and your doll dresses! Still adorable!

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I am making pouches and tissue sets with a lot of my fabrics…my sister claimed this one and one other one, so they are going to good homes.

The green and white fabric was sent to me by @mellybelly81 in the Craft Scavenger Hunt swap. Fortunately, I have more to make myself something as well.


Ooh it looks so cute! Lots of space for things.

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Made a small card case, a flamingo ornament from felt, and a knit shawl…


I finished my first project in a while! I’ve not been in a crafty mood - actually, not really in a mood for anything much. I don’t feel physically well, and feeling so tired and lethargic means I struggle to do anything other than working. I really enjoy my job so at least that gives me energy, but when I’m done with work I just want to sleep.


I have been sleeping a lot more than usual…I am sure it is the stress I am feeling for my sister. I have so much to do before I leave for two weeks but I have no energy to do them…I am trying to break out of this cycle by meditating and exercising. It is difficult, but I will feel more stress leaving and not doing things that must be done for both my company and my husband!


Finished some mindless projects…

I get a lot of free bags from all sorts of places…I don’t really need them for shopping, so I have been turning them into storage bags to keep things organized or out of my way…

Pretty simple…just fold them down, stitch around the top to make them a bit more sturdy, stick cardboard in the bottom…these took all of 15 minutes or so…


Clever-- I like the triple fold that lets you keep using the handles.

I actually cut them off and threw them out but after I finished, I decided I wanted handles…the are not in the original spot so I can pull the whole thing off my shelf.

They originally were on the front and back…the other one is going in a drawer to hold guest towels so I threw those handles out…they were very flimsy and did not even match!


Y’all I hit 90 today (Nov 1)! WOO! I don’t have 10 more projects planned for the year, but that sure doesn’t mean I won’t hit 100! Or I may not and that is totally fine, too.

I have had to spend a lot more time on household stuff lately getting ready for winter: sourcing and stacking firewood, raking and burning pine needles, working with our neighbors for this winter’s road plowing, etc. Blechhttps://forum.lettucecraft.com/t/50-projects-more-or-less-2021/9936/14?u=themistresst


Finished 125. Some are smaller some are bigger. Some get completed some not. Enjoying the making :slight_smile: .


I just posted this as its own topic but I am really happy with how this skirt came out!! I talked a little more about it in my post and have a link to the pattern from Ellie and Mac there.


Another make with it’s own topic! But I really loved how this top turned out! There a few more photos in it’s post. But I just loved how it turned out! it’s really comfy.


I’m going to have to work fast if I want to catch up posting by the end of the year, never mind actually completing 50 projects.

Still working my way through April & May sewing!

  1. Dresses for a 27cm doll (I don’t think I’ve uploaded this before, but it’s been sitting in my picture folder for a while)

  2. A batch for the 16cm crew (reusing some fabrics we’ve seen before)

  3. Variations on a theme for 16 and 19 centimeter dolls (May)

  4. More for the 27cm size (May-June)

  5. 11 & 16 cm dresses. Lots of Lawn this time! (May)


Oh boy haven’t done much lately but I mixed up some hot chocolate mix for gifts and put them I. These little ornaments jars I got at the dollar store. I also painted mugs from the dollar store to go with the hot coco.


But wait, there’s More!

  1. The 16cm size just keeps on coming (Mostly May)

  2. Three dresses using this fabric in various sizes (although I think the others had sashes? I didn’t get pics before they went on their way)

  3. Another three of these in 16cm and 27cm size

  4. Another set of 3. Imagine it them with white sashes, though.


Well, I topped out this year at 108. A few less than last year, but I feel lucky to have had the time and access to materials to complete so many projects! I have a few WIPS that I hope to complete soon into 2022 + a few things I’d like to start.

@AIMR Do you plan to start a “50 Projects, More or Less, 2022” thread? I know I’m not the only one who likes to catalog my projects in one place!d


Congrats! This craft along was one of the best of 2021! We are so glad you are here and keep on crafting!


Thank you, @AIMR , our fearless leader, for starting a 50 Projects topic for 2022!