50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

Wow, all these things are amazing!!

I need to update my list too…

I made a couple appliqued bookmarks for my son’s teachers. All the materials were from stash.


They are fabulous! Love the book background with the gorgeous pop of the flower…what a thoughtful gift.


Really pretty bookmarks!!

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Thank you! They were fun (and quick!) to make. I’m thinking of using that technique in some other projects.

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Another project dump!

  1. Batch of doll dresses. I finally started using some of my carefully horded Liberty stash.

  1. This batch is brought to you by the colors orange and green.

  2. A crochet oak leaf garland

  3. Project bag made with a FQ


Your little doll dresses always brighten my day…and I needed it today…love the Liberty Prints!

Also, the bag is a lovely print…very nice colors and motifs…hummingbirds AND dragonflies…

Wow @Trillian, you make such fabulous stuff - the Liberty prints are amazing with your incredible sewing skills!

Those bookmarks are so lovely and thoughtful @tendstowardschaos, and I adore your camper pillow covers!

That dish cloth looks super sturdy @poetrylover828!

@Fonduie, those miniatures are extraordinary! The miniature cross stitch is so pretty!

There’s always so much to admire in this thread - I know we don’t always have time to comment on every project, but I hope you all know how much I like looking at everything - you are all such an inspiration :smile:


Your doll dresses are adorable, @Trillian.

I made this little guy for my grandniece, who is turning one this week.


I finally finished a project this year! I made the cardigan for my 9 year old using the Harvest pattern by tincanknits that I found on Ravelry. I used a cotton bucle yarn that a friend gave me when she moved.


That lamb is the sweetest @tendstowardschaos! such a lot of work!

Cute cardigan @coryjo, I’m sure your 9 year old loves it! A cardigan’s a big project, I think it should count as more than one :smile:


The lamb is soooooooo cuuuuute!!! :heart::star_struck::heart:

And the sweater looks great! Such fun colors, @coryjo!


I love the color-blocked sweater…such a nice combination of cheerful colors!

The bobbled lamb is adorable…and your stitching is impeccable!


I guess it’s been awhile since I checked in here. WOW! Y’all are killin’ it. It’s boht inspiring and comforting to see the great things you all are making.

So Apparently, I reached my 50th completed project this year based on my count here with this project:


Very cool!! And 50 already, wow!

holy moly, that is one adorable stuffie!


What to do when it is still too early to garden (frost still coming each week)
I dug a trench that the mower can still go over, and filled it with small stones.
It is now outlining the formerly nonexistent walkway leading to my door.
I initially did this because I erected a privacy screen so I did not have to look at the business going on across the road as i drank my morning coffee on the front stoop. But I wondered if the sudden appearance of such a blockage would confound the ups guy or something, hence the obvious path.

I did one side of the path curving around the screen for a bit as an invitation of sorts to go around and find the front door.


playing catch-up today, have not been listing stuff I have made!
Here is a photo of a sheep’s bone I found in the woods.

Lots of sheep fields surround this house and once in a blue moon, one succombs to a coyote. Hence, the bones.
I sanitized the bone and dried it for a couple of weeks.
Then the fun began.
My friend who has tons of yard art says purple is her fave color and this will be her birthday gift.
It looked so much like a spread-winged creature which influenced the way I painted it.
After the paint dried, I put two coats of glue on which hopefullly will keep it safe from weather for years.

thanks for looking!


That’s pretty neat. What a great paint job! That view is beautiful and makes for a really nice backdrop.